Will ISIS Be Setting At Your Dinner Table Soon?


These things I am about to say are simply things that I totally believe to be true. There are things that I wish were not the truth but wishing alone isn’t going to accomplish much. I do believe in prayer, knowledge, and action. Sometimes our actions come to late to be successful and I think that this is the situation that America and the non-Islamic nations are now facing, I believe that the dam has broken. I will try to explain myself now because I know that everyone who reads this will have different levels of knowledge and interest in these current events that is mostly considered to be events that happen in other places that are far away. I totally believe that this evil will soon be inside our living rooms in every nation, yes, even to us fickle Americans. I say fickle because that is what our media moguls, and, the which way is the wind blowing poll sniffing politicians show everyone that they are, are telling us how we should react. Do we not see this in all the nation’s stock markets, especially here in the States, one hint of a problem anywhere in the world and the market hounds change government policies like a breeze in a Big Blow. I think, I believe, that the (Gen. C. Powell’s quote), “sensible center” of Americans, the class of people who are used to working with their head and hands will be the glue that pulls our Nation back to center where we must also not become as the Devil to beat the Devil, we do that and the Devil is the only winner.


As most folks know these days there are two main divisions within Islam, the Sunni and the Shiite and they have fought many bloody battles against each other since the creation of Islam a little bit more that 1400 yrs ago. We here the world media all the time classify the horrible bloodletting by so many Arab/Muslim/Islamic groups and people all over the globe as being done by “Islamic Extremest”, but this is just a Holly Wood politics terminology used to pacify . The truth is these people are not extremest, they are fundamentalists of what their scriptures say. In other words, they believe in doing exactly what their told to do in their scriptures. Now think about it folks, almost all if not all people who were brought up in these beliefs know what it says but choose not to get directly involved, so they just donate for the causes. My simple question is how can anyone possibly still commit themselves to a faith that commands worldwide mass slaughter of billions of people as being the will of their God? How does a person when they see this being taught to them not see so plainly how evil this is and if it is evil, simply who is the facilitator of Evil?


Lots of people seem to think that just because they personally do not want to get involved that these events won’t get personal and up close with them. There are a lot of people who totally do not believe that there is a Supreme Being so then none of the events going on in the world where these “religious kooks” are killing themselves won’t affect them personally, after all, how could it, they don’t believe in it? This isn’t a Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Wicca, or Atheist issue, it is and Islamic issue and that “issue” is soon going to be bloodletting in a neighborhood near each of us. It is how we decide to live in this “new world” whether we stay free and strong and hopefully more religion knowledgeable as a nation, or we as individuals can just cower down and die. We will each choose for ourselves which way we wish to live or die when that black flag of hate is knocking down your front door. Do not be naive folks, burying our head in the proverbial sand will never ever make this cold hard reality disappear. The war is here people, the war is now and it will not end until either Islamic believers turn in on itself and shuts itself down (which is not ever going to happen) or the complete remainder of the world shuts Islam completely out of their own borders. I am not for killing anyone but I will not allow the ones I love to be butchered like sheep either. You personally are going to have to make your own decision as this pure hate that is Islam is coming to your neighborhood very soon.


One thought on “Will ISIS Be Setting At Your Dinner Table Soon?

  1. I fear for our world for so many reasons
    I have hope for so many other reasons
    We need to wake up on so many levels
    And to continue awakening on so many others.
    There are no simple answers and no simple ways to deal with evil, with hatred.
    I do the best I know how in my little corner of the world
    I encourage others to do that as well.
    I believe that by truly loving our own precious self and all those we connect with, we heal this world. That is all I know to do.


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