A Real Hero: Praise God For Killing A 3 Month Old Baby

A Real Hero: Praise God For Killing A 3 Month Old Baby


The mother of Abdelrahman Shaludi, the Hamas terrorist who last Wednesday murdered three-month-old Chaya Zisel Braun and 22-year-old Karen Mosquera with his car in Jerusalem, has “brought honor to his family” for these murders, and is a “martyr” according to his mother.

The mother of Abdelrahman Shaludi, the Hamas terrorist who last Wednesday murdered three-month-old Chaya Zisel Braun hy”d and 22-year mother.
Please check into virtual Jerusalem web site if you wish for more information on this and other events in the local areas. How is ANY peace loving non violent society suppose to allow such misguided worshipers of pure evil to reside anywhere on the map? Do you want such misguided evil people living anywhere within rocket/missile distance of you and your loved ones? Then don’t blame the Israeli people for trying to protect themselves from such ideology! Until the people who worship this Evil realize their error in Whom/What they are worshiping and voluntarily cleanse their own population this world wide violence against all other people of the Earth will not stop.

Israel, Palestinian Work Bus Issues

If any of Americas’s or European news agency’s EVER consider telling the truth about anything concerning Israel it would be quite the shock, instead they are much more interested in creating their versions of the truth. The example I am speaking of in this article is subtle it does speak partial truth but it miss informs what the non religion based history books tell as historical fact. In this article it says about the West Bank territory of Israel “territory Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 war”. This article if it really wanted to be completely truthful should have changed one word in this quote, the total truth is that Israel (re-captured) this piece of land from the Jordan government. For those of you who are mad now because I said this, most of the folks tend to blast me as a hate filled Jew not caring to check my bio and see that I am an old Christian man who has studied many religions along with Atheist history books.

Now concerning the article’s (on my Google home page) main point of a proposed Israeli bus ban against the Palestinian workers who live in the West Bank but work other places in Israel. This is really a lousy thing to have to be implemented against the Palestinian workers who are capable of acting like human beings instead of acting out on the buses in manners that no civilized people (passengers) should have to put up with. These workers that are acting like demonic fools must not be allowed access into Israel at all. This is where the Palestinian people who are good hard working decent human beings has got to eliminate (not by physical harm unless they are given no other options) from being on these buses in the first place. Then there could be peace on the buses and the people who are simply trying to get back and forth from their jobs who are simply trying to feed their families won’t lose their current jobs from lack of being able to get to their jobs.

Wal-Mart, Stacy Morgan, The Wreck And The Bull Shit

It is now many months since the auto/truck accident that seriously injured comedian Stacy Morgan on the New Jersey Turnpike which killed one of Stacy’s friends and also injured a few others. Recently Stacy made news when he said that he was being blamed by Wal-Mart for the accident. If this was a true article I was reading then it is my belief that Stacy is either ignorant or simply has no interest in what the truth is. By what I have read in such things as the police report Stacy and his friends were not wearing their seat belts thus causing the people in his vehicle to sustain much worse injuries than would have theoretically occurred to them. People who know me know that I am not at all a fan of the Family who owns Wal-Mart but, the reports I read say that the company said that Stacy was “partly” to blame in the accident, of the things I have seen/read nothing says or even hints at the idea of saying Mr Morgan “being responsible” for the accident. Stacy and the other occupants of this vehicle if they have any truthfulness within themselves need to  learn the meaning of not being ignorant (like not wearing seat belts) and the meaning of truthfulness in speech.