I Apologise To You



Folks as you who follow my post know, I haven’t been doing a lot of posts for the last couple of months. I have not been feeling very well since about the end of this past February. The past two months I haven’t felt up to doing much of anything except lying in the bed. A good bit of my problems are worsened because of depression which I am trying to kick and the only way that I know how is to work through it, literally. Folks, I apologise to you for not having put this, my one and only blog as one of my top priorities, I will do better for you than what I have been, I promise you!

Also folks I seem to be locked out of my Yahoo Mail account for about two months now, this is why I haven’t answered any mail. I have another email account through Google that any of you are welcome to use if you wish, it is [email protected] . Thank you for your kindness, as I said, I apologize to you.

4 thoughts on “I Apologise To You

    1. Thank you Sir, I think now finally that I am starting to feel a bit more motivated in my daily life now. As many folks know, when you have a major medical hit that will never improve it can take you down psychological roads you really don’t want to be on.


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