Is The U.S. Constitution Now Meaningless For Some, Or All?

I just thought of this issue after watching our local evening news (Knoxville Tn, ABC). There were two articles brought to attention, one was in regard for the State Constitution and the second was an issue for the Federal Constitution. My thoughts then went to this “the Federal Government and it’s agents (politicians) are constantly doing Constitutionally illegal acts with no regard or penalty to these laws at all. So, why should any person or entity be required to follow these same Constitutional Laws?” It’s just a thought, what do you think?
I hope that everyone here in the States has a fun and safe Holiday weekend, please drive save, God bless. Shalom.



Shame, do we possess such a creature these days?

Shame, do you haunt the door stoop of my innermost thoughts?

History, Ancient Sense, flickers of light and dark, the Soul searches,

Have we done the memories that our dreams show us at night?

Bloodletting, holding last breaths, in your hands, live or die.

Let live? What do you say to the relatives of the ones they kill tonight?

Shame you now feel because you at times tried to be nice.

To act kind is to play the role of a fool in the eyes of today’s morality.

How much of our souls do we give up to live the life that we live?

Think of having to  wear the guilt and the shame of a deserters last name.

Or, of having your Dad be the town drunk and your Momma the County Whore.

Shame, I sicken myself by some of the things I have done, do not let this depression win.

Is Shame like unto Sin, inbred part of the fiber which makes up bone, skin, and Soul?

Shame, there are things that I have done that I will be ashamed of to my grave!

Just like pitty, ignorance, love, anger, and hate, Shame is still needed to round out a Soul.

The ability to feel shame should be part of everyones DNA, but is it?

I Apologise To You



Folks as you who follow my post know, I haven’t been doing a lot of posts for the last couple of months. I have not been feeling very well since about the end of this past February. The past two months I haven’t felt up to doing much of anything except lying in the bed. A good bit of my problems are worsened because of depression which I am trying to kick and the only way that I know how is to work through it, literally. Folks, I apologise to you for not having put this, my one and only blog as one of my top priorities, I will do better for you than what I have been, I promise you!

Also folks I seem to be locked out of my Yahoo Mail account for about two months now, this is why I haven’t answered any mail. I have another email account through Google that any of you are welcome to use if you wish, it is  [email protected] . Thank you for your kindness, as I said, I apologise to you.