(Humor/Poem) Wheels



On four wheels we rode

From the place that we were birthed

To a place that we called home

Where we first learned

To crawl then walk then run


When we saw that bright red trike

We learned to balance on three wheels

The coolest thing we’d ever done


Until the magic one Christmas morn

A big red bike on just two wheels

Standing beside the tree so bright


Hey buddy oh friend of mine

Do twist your neck to see

Me riding on just two wheels, no hands

I just can’t help myself, It’s so cool to be me


Now here I am at 16 years of age

There’s no doubt that I am grown

See this license in my hand


My new bike now has a motor

A humming between my knees

Now how fast that I choose to go

Such things are totally up to me


Now when I get out among my friends

It is me they all gather around

I’m so cool I can’t help myself

As they all watch, on one wheel I ride

Look no hands just as I head butt a tree


Now inside I ride upon four wheels

With all the family following behind

I guess that I was not so cool

For now in this hole I lay

Frozen stiff beneath the ground


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