(Philosophy/Poem) Ultimatum



The world in which we live

Do we see the lies

Do we care enough too

Do we understand the ugliness of the reality

Of what the truth of our current situation is


No one can hide from the truth forever

We are filled with a world full of liars

The mask of ego’s hide the fangs

Our lack of knowledge is death

Stupidity will certainly kill us


Denial of the truth is ignorance

Ignorance doesn’t make truth go away

When we make folly of tonight or today

We are too blind and ignorant to see

It is with demons we dance and play


Because we choose to close our ears

We avert our eyes trying to avert reality

The real truths do not become lies

Eat and be merry we are told

Not realizing that tomorrow

That we and all we love will die

Political correctness is the venom of the Asp

If you speak not what is the hidden truths

Then no one’s freedom will ever last

O world, can you yet feel the chill of death

These last breaths of air of which we gasp


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