(Humor/Poem) Roll Me One

Role Me One


 I was about seventeen the first time I did try

One of my friends rolled me one in the parking lot of the senior high

It didn’t do anything the first three or four times I did try

Turns out the tobacco was homegrown, a waste of my time


The first time I ever heard of Columbia

Was because of the red-haired tobacco they grew

After that first time I wished I could go and live there too


Wacky tabacky now has a new meaning to me

Left handed cigarettes, we could grow it with ease

But for purely self-serving reasons

The politicians tell the people we cannot partake


It is so stupid that people can’t sit in their own homes at night

Roll one up and remove the stress from their day

Why on such a thing does Big Brother stand in the way

The people want freedom, Big Brother’s the snake

But as the laws are so crooked the people can not freely partake


Roll one for me my brother but do not get caught

The snake is the elected manipulating the self-serving laws

Roll one in secret but be careful not to get caught

The Demons in D.C. and the State Houses are professional thieves

A couple planted grams, they now own all you worked a lifetime to achieve


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