What Does Silence Sound Like


When you hear Silence, are you fast asleep?


What does silence sound like too you? Silence to me is hearing a constant high pitch sound of  electric voltage wire humming throughout my darkness. When you lay your head down to sleep what do you hear? Can you hear total silence? I can at times accomplish the blackness of nothingness in my minds eyes when I have lain down to sleep. I think that if we can accomplish this void in our slumber then we should be able to reach good REM sleep, the trouble is getting there.


Science tells us all that the brain never sleeps, they surmise (and I do agree) if the brain is not emitting connectors like when we are dreaming, then we are dead. This I would think would be the ultimate silence, death, but is it? The Judgement continues as we sleep, the Trumpet, then our destiny to face.


Remember what I asked you in this title (What Does Silence Sound Like)? For those of us who have the problem of Tinnitus, it seems that we have no such thing as true silence.

I Will Not



What is it that I will not?

A night ago a thought skipped across my brain

In one way or another we all play to the jingle

You and I, what are we willing to do too sustain life

To stay in the game, as long as we breath, were playing



We all know that there are some people who care only for the gold

When the careers that we are in require us to (in our eyes) sin, will we

Each generation more liberal than the last, is it feudal, or everyone’s destiny

Every day it costs us more, to play their game

Is there such a thing as a point that we will not cross

Will there ever be a time where we stand up as a people

Will we ever reach the point where we say, I will not?





Window seal vacant

Sunny outside

Kitty jumps upon the seal

Now cloudy day from where I lay

Big fat Kitty done blocked my sky

Marijuana 90 Day Test Tube Experiment


There has been a theory put forth for many years, by many people, who like to enjoy the smoke of this plant. This theory is that the chemicals of the plant are a better and a more natural pain killer than the medication we humans create in our labs. If you know me at all, most likely you know that I do totally support Marijuana becoming legal in the eyes of the law, I would like this plant to be treated as alcohol is treated for such things as taxes and oversight.


I have been one of the people that believes that the chemicals from nature must be better for us than those we create in our Labs. In my life I have expressed this belief many times. I, like most people have had a few aches and pains as we go through our lives. I am not new to some very strong pain medications. I took my last Morphine  this past Monday evening 4-14-14. Starting the next morning I have started using only a small pipe and taking a few hits from it as the day progresses. It is my intent to use myself as a test study lasting 90 days, I believe that is on 7-13-14. I want to know what the truth is. I will keep you informed as I try this process.

How Tall Are We On The Ruler




How Tall Are We On The Ruler




We’re there marks on your Granny’s wall

That measured your years with a stick

We make marks upon the facing of our livesl

But at what place did we choose to spread our wings.



Do you really feel as tall as it say’s  you are

All your life you had to measure up, but to what

A true measure can  only be done by the soul

So how could a man ever find a Spirit stick.



How high we  be on our boss’s ladder

At the end of the day, what it matter

Are we ruled in our sleep, by our day

In our end our heights mean nothing anyway

In the bowels of the Earth quietly waiting

For the owner of our Souls to wake us up.









Young Soldier

Young Soldier

When we were young did we not all play

Pretending to be generals and sergeants

In our backyards or barns filled with hay.


President Mom calling a truce,

To fill our bellies with hot biscuits and ham

No foul, no harm, no spills I guess

When young, is not time and the world

Your personal sandbox of new thrills?

17 am I now not a man?

Jungles and deserts I now low crawl

With M-16 in hand

I hold my breath and tweak my sight

One finger I squeeze

One less breath, one less man.


As the earth inhales the blood

To me one more notch

One more trophy

As his last breath leaves with the wind.


Is there blood on your conscience

For the blood on your hands

Not knowing your temple

Is the target

17 your life is over

Before it began.



Within My Gaze

Within My Gaze

I see my picture

Upon T-Shirts, paintings and plates

Displayed proudly upon your walls.


You think me to be cuddly

Domesticated easily like your lap dog hounds

Only to the giant bear

Have I ever backed down.


You come to my home,

To sleep, laugh, and play

When was the last time

You ever seen me walking down your streets?


More ignorant than the lamb I had this morning

My belly is grumbling as the dark is setting in.

Do you now think I am so cute and cuddly,

As I back you down,

Your eyes glued, within my gaze?




On four wheels we rode

From the place that we were birthed

To a place that we called home

Where we first learned

To crawl then walk then run.


When we saw that bright red trike

We learned to balance on three wheels

The coolest thing we’d ever done.


Until the magic one Christmas morn

A bike on just two wheels

Standing beside the Christmas Tree.


Hey buddy o pal of mine

Do twist your neck to see

Me riding on just two wheels, no hands

I just can’t help myself

It’s just so cool to be me.


Now here I am at 16 years of age

There’s no doubt that I am grown

See this license in my hand.


My new bike now has a motor

A humming between my knees

Now how fast that I choose to go

Is totally up to me.


Now when I get out

Amongst my friends

It is me they all gather around.


I’m so cool I can’t help myself

As they all watch, on one wheel I ride

Look no hands just as I head butt a tree.


Now inside I ride upon four wheels

With all the family following behind

I guess that I was not so cool

For now in this hole I lay

Frozen stiff beneath the ground.





The world in which we live

Do we see the lies?

Do we care enough too

Do we understand the ugliness of the reality

Of what the truth of our current situation is?


No one can hide from the truth forever

We are filled with a world full of liars

The masks of ego’s

Our lack of knowledge

Stupidity will only kill us.


Denial of the truth

Does not make that truth go away

When we make folly of today

We are too blind and ignorant to see

It is with demons we dance and play.


Because we choose to close our ears

And avert our eyes

The real truths do not become lies

Eat and be merry we are told

Not realizing that tomorrow

That we and all we love will die

Political correctness is the venom of the Asp

If you speak not the truth

Then no one’s freedom will last

O world, can you yet feel

These last breaths of air of which we gasp?


Twisted and Tangled

Twisted and Tangled


April 21st, 1967 a day that

To me, in my mind, will always live in infamy.


This the day an F-4 tornado,

Touched down in our hometown,

Killing and injuring many,

Putting a dark spot on all our history.


Was about four on Friday afternoon

Down the business twenty corridor it came.

Striking the Chrysler Plant about shift change,

The Pacemaker grocery store,

Highland Hospital and the neighborhoods.

But the high school with children filled

Buses lined up, the tornado’s wrath did vent.


Many a white cross where children

Now lay in rest,

It’s not just cars and houses

That such storms tangle and twist.

The empty desks within the class

Forever a reminder of our friends

And children that we so deeply miss.