(Religious Philosophy/Poem) Prophet



What is a Prophet, is there really such a thing in these days that we live

Is it something from our past that mankind in our wisdom has out lived

Who is it that would dare say they are such a thing as a speaker of God

Do we believe things the Scriptures have told us for thousands of years

Today if a person says they are a Prophet do they say this hoping for profit



Are we living in Spiritual darkness, are these the last days of mankind

Are we living in a time that our ears cannot hear nor can our eyes see

If one stands up and speaks only God’s truth, would anyone of us listen

If we are living in the last days in darkness of which the Scriptures speak

What shall we do, will we know a chosen vessel of God, or will our hearts be cold

Friends, Prophets will be both men and women that God for Himself has chosen

Will our sarcasm, our ignorance and ego’s lead us to live in Hell’s fiery pit below

14 thoughts on “(Religious Philosophy/Poem) Prophet

  1. Only those who know the scriptures will be able to discern a true prophet or not. So we hold the key to if we will listen and what we will listen to. Knowledge will set us free. Yahweh bless.


    1. Agreed, completely, we should all search the Scriptures daily so that me might through study, prayer, and meditation know if what we see and hear is the Truth. I hope that you and yours have a great weekend, God’s blessings to you.


      1. Thank you, I emailed that link/page to my self, it never hurts to have more study material and I appreciate you conversing with me on things.—This is not any kind of a trick question, just like your thoughts. As you know the 7th Day Adventist people go to Church on Saturday’s while pretty much all of the other Christ believing people go to Church on Sundays. As you know, in Revelation when Christ was speaking to John one of the commandments He spoke was for us to keep His Sabbaths. Obviously this is after the resurrection so the Old Law had now passed away, but Christ/Yahweh still says for people to keep His Sabbaths. But yet His followers were to meet together upon the first day of the week, I do believe that this is where most Christians get the belief that “Church” should be on Sundays.—I want to lay something out to you and let me know what you think and/or believe on the subject okay.—I think in a perfect world that all people should do the following if at all possible. 1st–Observe the Sabbath, at home with their families, friends, other believers ect. Using this time for meditation, prayer, study, and family time within their homes.—Then, on Sundays go to worship services. I was brought up where Church services were on Sunday mornings from about 1000 to 1230, then again from 1800-1930. The time in between was used differently by different members.—I think that in the perfect world this would be the best way to spend our weekends, but I just don’t ever see American society doing any such a thing.–If it is okay with you let’s keep conversing with each other okay? —Thanks, Ted


      2. Hello Ted. Every belief and practice has a history. It all originated somewhere. I encourage you to look into the history of all the doctrines that you hold as truth. The all began somewhere by someone, but where?
        Seventh day worship originates with Yahweh who made the seventh day of every week Holy (set apart). But who changed it to Sunday, and by what authority? Here is another voice who has looked into the matter. http://realtruth.org/articles/070831-005-wasw.html
        I enjoy our conversation as well. I look forward to your reply.

        BTW- In a perfect world everyone and thing would be in harmony with the spirit of Yahweh. People would only observe the Holy days in the Bible and all would obey the laws of the heavens that was given through first Moses, and then the Messiah Himself.

        Lemme ask you something. Did the Messiah sin? If you agree that He did not sin; would He then change the laws that define sin? If you believe He did wouldn’t that prove He sinned?

        I don’t hold the doctrine that the Messiah changed the laws given by the Heavenly Father as truth. It isn’t found anywhere in scripture.


      3. As you know the Messiah had to be a perfect sacrifice, without blemish. Jesus/Christ/Messiah/Yahweh when He lived those 33 years on Earth He lived under the law that He gave to Moses for the Israelite people to live by. So no, He did not sin according to Scripture, as you know the Old Law (Old Testament) stayed in effect until the resurrection when the Law passed away and the more perfect law of Grace took its place. I grew up going to a Church that did not use the Old Testament, they basically ignored it which is stupid. I am going to have to shut down for the night now, I’m whooped, it’s two am EST and I have been up for about 36 hours now so I have to go crash for awhile. I hope you have a food, Lord willing we will be able to get ahold of each eathor soon Lord willing.


      4. No I am not seventh day Adventist lol. I can see how you may believe so. Here is my statement of faith:

        I was led here about a year after reading the Bible front to back for myself. I bounced through many church’s trying to find one that taught the doctrines I found in the Bible. Before that I was not raised in church doctrines. My folks are the opposite of religious. Finally when I gave up hope in finding people who taught and practice the doctrines of the Bible; Yahweh led me to Yaiy.org. I have been there since.


      5. I just reread the conversation above, easy to tell I was tired. Instead of saying I hope you have a FOOD?, I thought I was saying good weekend, Which I hope you are having.—I do have a question for you, do you believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ,Yahweh, the Son of God the Father, Jehovah?


      6. I believe that the man you call Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of Yahweh the Father. I know Him by the name Yahshua. This is the name that holds the power and authority from on high.


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