(Philosophy/Poem) Maverick



Hey you, yeah, I’m talking to you, are you a Maverick, or are you just a wanna be

Would you dare strip down naked on a beach and run into the ocean’s cooling spray

Or are you the one who would cower down and hide behind the nearest clump of trees

Are you lacking of adventure, probably like Adam, looking for a leaf to hide the twig

Well son are you like the mighty Stallion who gallops effortlessly into the evening sun

Or is the grocery store hobby-horse more equal to your level of adventure and fun



Are we now like the old Stallion who through his aged time was never allowed to run

Have you ever felt the ocean spray against your private parts or even upon your face

Have you ever kicked your shoes off and curled your toes in the Oceans hot summer sand

How is it that one could reach our age yet have never sat their behind upon a mighty horse



Can we look into our bathroom mirror and ask, in this race of life have I ever ran toward the sun

Have we allowed ourselves to grow fat and old like a mashed potato we lay our old bones upon the couch

If we never take a chance to feel the breeze upon our face with a Stallion or a Harley between our knees

Upon our death-bed will we be able to tell ourselves we were a mighty Stallion nostrils flaring to be free

Or sadly was our life like a plastic hobby-horse who never tasted the scent of fun or dared attempt to be free

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