(Humor/Poem) The Hoss

The Hoss


They call me the Hoss

On this Range here I’m the Boss

Born with both my legs a hanging off a horse

My back is damn sure not broke, cause I’m the Hoss



High up on my Stud, you know I never been one to brag

Never been one to kiss ass or grovel, a long shadow I cast

At four-foot six don’t you know I’m always tall in the saddle

Don’t you ever forget it, out here on this Range, I’m the Hoss



Life is sometimes heroic, my good looks make me truly historic

It’s just cause I’m so handsome and I let everyone know it

Don’t you know that on this West Texas Range, I’m the Hoss

My skin and my fists are now so much tougher than leather

As a young man never thought about needing to get out of the weather



Age has now taught me much better, Ho Jo, now my favorite four letters

Did I mention I’ve got a Texas Long Horn setting on the hood of my 64 Chevy

I’m so cool, never fooled, I’m a Hall Of Fame Cowboy a true living legend

I’m the King of the Range, got my hat and my horse solar-paneled

You can see them from space, as they light up my name, yep I’m the Hoss

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