(Philosophy/Poem) Hate



Friend, this I tell you, hate is an anguish if still possessed when old

Those of gray hair, their minds sinking deeper and deeper into despair

Caught up in the sad memories now in their life’s late evening air

They beat upon their chests praying toward God’s Throne on High



Convulsing their hate and their pain trying their best to not go insane

Their hearts and their Souls silently clinging to their historic acidic lies

Life is a balance beam, horizontally suspended in the air of life and time

To the Mercy Throne of God we should all our hearts and Souls lay bare

Grieving for our dead, the hurt causing us such hurt, anger and despair



The touch of the Monuments, the Names, our fingers linger there

Our pain everlasting, how the hate lingers, our tears on the ground

For our loved one’s taken, our bodies crumble onto the hallow ground

Hate can explode ones heart or the brain if we cannot divorce it in time

Our loved ones will soon be laying our bones parallel, six feet down


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