(Humor/Poem) Little Princess

Little Princess


Little girls are so pretty from the time they are born

With their smiles like Heaven so tender and warm

They learn to toddle and waddle and fall on their buns

With eyes lit like Angels, their hearts so tender and warm



God’s gifts from Mommy’s bellies to Daddy’s outstretched arms

The Princess taken to Her Castle where She will be safe from harm

Till school does begin and Her new world She does begin to charm

Smiling and dancing she leaves the little boys blushing needing to pee



Till finished with schooling, then Her Beau on one knee

Her Knight in shining armor in his Mustang takes her away

From Mommy and Daddy to her own new Castle he takes

Where she is now the Queen that her King totally adores



Not long in Her new Kingdom Her belly does start to rise

The Lord delivers to Her and Her Hubby a 7 pound surprise

A Bundle with bright shining eyes and often a pudding behind

With a smile like unto Heaven, their new Princess has arrived

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