(History/Poem) Galax Virginia

Galax Virginia


Galax, a pretty heart-shaped flower, a plant

Cluster of small white flowers to the eyes delight

But be careful of the stickers that can spike the hand

Pretty to the eyes, but a name known by few men



Southwest Virginia, a town, the flowers abundantly grew

Basset, Vaughn, and Webb, where hard-working families grew

Beautiful quality furnishings made in this Valley Estate

Set in Appalachia, The Blue Ridge, where Angels come to play



The people are friendly, always a nod and a wave

The rolling hills, valleys, New River, Crooked Creek

A birth place of Poetry, with so many a kind face

The World Famous Fiddlers Convention each August they play



Galax, a beautiful place to retire or to start over again

A community, a people, seemingly hidden in time

Land, homes, food, on an affordable dollar or dime

Peaceful, caring Christian demeanored folks you will find



The community like the flower, open-hearted, pretty and kind

Galax, Twin Counties, Carroll and Grayson friendliness you’ll find

Iron Ridge, beautiful green pastures, scenery frozen in my mind

The place of my birth, the place I hope my bones rest in the Lords time

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