(Philosophy/Poem) America, O How I Will Miss You



A Truckers Farewell Song


Hardly a month now have I been gone from your highways

Now living the sad picture of a life that I have always dread

No longer each morning waking to new air and your scenery

Your pictures hopefully forever framed now within my head

Bad health, depression, normal aches and pains age brings on

They have now ended the only life I had ever wished to live



Sweet beautiful Lady for decades you let me sing your songs

Thank you so much for all the memories both good and bad

Depression in ones old age I’ll find a way to kick your ass

Those of us who have worked like a junk yard dog all our lives

Who broke our backs and families working for a poor mans dime

Health problems and broken hearts no choice if we marry you



America, sweet Lady do you now see the cost of loving thee

A lifetime your threads I crossed Sea to shining beautiful Sea

Pretty lady your winding roads I know every pothole and stitch

Pictures in my mind forever of all your beautiful scenery

No longer will I be able to tread thee

Nor travel the roads of our cold North Sister

Your wonderful memories sketched forever in my mind

America I salute you, and I thank you, Good Night

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