Higher edumatication is why I am here

Seems like sifferin and writting is all I do now I sware

All the processors they give us so munch work

Us ole country boyz were just ust to playin in the dirt

Ain’t evan got enough time to chase these purdy little skirts.

Thay got words hear like I aint never heard

Thangs like algiebray with thar X’s and Y’s

Have you evar sean a cow with such thangs on her side?

Thay evan got sumthing hear called ammounting

It’s spose to tell ya whare all those X’ and Y’s go

My cuz taught me amounting when I was still young

Ten toes up and ten tose down is a whole lotta fun.

Thay got this thang here called sciences

Thay buy big glasses just to look in the sky

Woudnt it be a lot cheeper just to go to my favorate bar

Down a jug of corn likker and look through the bottom of duh jar?

One thang bout being here without a dought

All these movie star play thangs wondering about

Some evan better than I sean when I was on Mr Springers TV show.

I’m a gonna be the most edumaticated redneck in east Kentuckie

Goin to collage no doubt this is a grate life fer me

It might take me twanty years to get one of dem degreez

But thats alright, Ive always got da farm

And of corse, my for leggad girlfriend Bessie.

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