(Love Poem) Kiss Of Love

Kiss Of Love


May I kiss you my love, my sweetheart my beautiful Bride

May my lips caress the tears of joy from your Angelic eyes

May my tongue dance on your belly, your breasts your thighs

Close your eyes now my sweet let your mind in pleasure drift

Let your thoughts be only of the sweet nectar that you give



Your delicious rose petals give to me my sweet lady tonight

Dream deep now my love of my lips on your ankles and toes

My tongue on your feet kissing you softly into paradise

Past your ankles, your knees, my breath on your thighs

Heavens gate opens to please as my tongue dances softly

Onward and inward my lips caressing the petals of life



I love the sound of your moans your cries of delight

I love you my darling, I wish only to please you tonight

Kissing and caressing upward to your beautiful breasts

You surrender to my breath as my lips encircle your buds

Now only your moans and tears of your pleasure do I see

Surrender now softly my love into my arms for the night

(Courtesy/Poem) Just Sitting In Morristown Tennessee

Just Sitting In Morristown Tennessee 


Two years wasted here in Gatorville U.S.A.

Poor paying work, then my health went away

Low wages, a safety net I could never get made

Can’t work while you’re ill, so the job went away

States broke, no help at all for white single males

Gotta move on when you can’t pay your own way



Put your thumb in the air, hope for the best and pray

Can’t stay if you can’t work, here they’ll throw you in jail

Can’t go south, only the jail cells name would change

Lose all you’ve worked for if your health fails you here

Thumb pointing north, hopefully I’ll find a friendlier place to live



Caught a ride through the Tomahawk let out up in Choo-Choo Tennessee

Now walking north thumb in the air headed toward the Cavalier State

Families roots up in the Blue Ridge, about five days walk from here

Two day’s of walking toward K-town, feet, back, and chest are on fire

Back roads you gotta walk, blue light specials ruin your day if you don’t



Now in a place called Morristown, another step I just can not walk

Parked my back against a pole that say’s Cumberland and Main

Pulled out my harmonica, trying to take my mind off of the pain

People here seem friendly, several gathering round to hear me play

Wasn’t long before the police came doubted was for the music to hear



Figured if I was lucky they would just tell me to get up and go away

Shocked the life right out of me when they asked if I had a place to stay

They got me lined up with a shelter, with a bag of groceries along the way

They checked, no warrants, just a man down on his health and luck

Treated me like a man, told me that here is a place I’m welcome to stay



This town has lots of true Christian folks, they’re not just one in name

If they know that you’re trying, they will help you when you’re down

They helped get me a furnished room where now my head I can lay

Now have some food in the cabinets and some extra clothes on the bed

Central Services, a Church and Goodwill helped, kindness on display



Within two days I had a job, now in a Bluegrass Band five nights a week I play

On Sundays I play piano at the Church, giving back a helping hand I give my way

No comparisons to how I was treated when my health went out in the Sun Shine State

I’m not to far from Dollywood, beautiful Smokey’s just to the south so pleasing to see

Here even when you’re down and out, if your willing to get off your butt they will help

Some of the finest Christian people you could ever meet, here in Morristown Tennessee

(Philosophy/Poem) Is It Real

Is It Real


In one’s imagination forms of life do appear or fade

Yet unknown to all but the Author who owns the Pen

Whether forms be beautiful like a rainbow in the sky

Or be daunting like the black clouds of a spring storm



Does the Earth really contain any human habitation

Or, is our lives just the imagination of the Great Poet

Is it possible that we are but toys in a Celestial dream

Is our world but the swipe of a brush on a master canvas

Can we paint the sun into the clouds of a dark rain day



Can any of us lift the dirt from a cold, cold grave

O Poet, be bright in the scenes that you write

For we know not if tonight our soul will be erased

Leaving behind only the vapor we thought we lived

Did you and I only live in the tip of the Great Poets pen


(Humor/Dark Poem) In My Eyes (The Mirror)

In My Eyes (The Mirror)


In my bathroom mirror, I see but a grain of sand

How is it that one such as I could an ego possess

How could anyone look upon one such as I am

This old man, and entertain a single thought of lust



In my mirror I see my head shiny and balding

Hair now only tends to grow from my nose and ears

Hair from these strange places, yet not upon my head

Even with these old eyes I can see my belly swaying

This front porch hiding by belt loops and even my shoes



So many years of my life all I did was work like a dog

Army lightning strike tore up this body’s quality of life

Never anytime for any recreation or play, just work

The reflection in my bathrooms mirror do I laugh, or cry

I see my store-bought teeth, in their container a waiting



In my mirror I see all these things I wish I didn’t recognize

With my store-bought eyeballs a hanging on this old ugly face

Now in my shower I think of a real great entertaining thought

If I leave these store-bought glasses in the top drawer of my desk

For a moment this old mans flaws maybe I can wash down the drain

Head in the sand, if you can’t see them, maybe they went away



Now all things in my mirror are blurring, I can’t see for the fog

Young man in my mind but not in the passages of my heart

Thinking of my loved one’s I will soon be once again seeing

I lay here beneath the mirror waiting the last tick of the clock

Comfort of Soul I lay here upon my bathroom floor expiring

This old ugly man I wonder if the Lord will recognize who I am

(Philosophy/Poem) How Do You See

How Do You See


What are you, a woman, a man, confused

What am I to you, how do you see me

Why do you think you are anything to me

How do you perceive that you are seen



Are you good, are you evil, should you even care

Are all things true, and good cause it’s your will

You and I, we see the same things, or is that true

In our both of our own eyes are we enlightened



When our eyes behold, what does it tell us we see

We just witnessed the same event, or did we

As it is said, love is in the eye of the beholder

Is truth then only in the eyes and heart of the believer

If I see evil, but you are blinded to it, is it still evil



If you know not how to see love, does it make it not there

If you choose reason and I choose faith, what is the truth

Are we both right, are we both wrong, do neither of us see

A junk yard dog, is he your protector, your puppy or your killer

Are not all things simply the result of how we choose to see them

(Humor/Poem) The Hoss

The Hoss


They call me the Hoss

On this Range here I’m the Boss

Born with both my legs a hanging off a horse

My back is damn sure not broke, cause I’m the Hoss



High up on my Stud, you know I never been one to brag

Never been one to kiss ass or grovel, a long shadow I cast

At four-foot six don’t you know I’m always tall in the saddle

Don’t you ever forget it, out here on this Range, I’m the Hoss



Life is sometimes heroic, my good looks make me truly historic

It’s just cause I’m so handsome and I let everyone know it

Don’t you know that on this West Texas Range, I’m the Hoss

My skin and my fists are now so much tougher than leather

As a young man never thought about needing to get out of the weather



Age has now taught me much better, Ho Jo, now my favorite four letters

Did I mention I’ve got a Texas Long Horn setting on the hood of my 64 Chevy

I’m so cool, never fooled, I’m a Hall Of Fame Cowboy a true living legend

I’m the King of the Range, got my hat and my horse solar-paneled

You can see them from space, as they light up my name, yep I’m the Hoss

(Philosophy/Poem) Hate



Friend, this I tell you, hate is an anguish if still possessed when old

Those of gray hair, their minds sinking deeper and deeper into despair

Caught up in the sad memories now in their life’s late evening air

They beat upon their chests praying toward God’s Throne on High



Convulsing their hate and their pain trying their best to not go insane

Their hearts and their Souls silently clinging to their historic acidic lies

Life is a balance beam, horizontally suspended in the air of life and time

To the Mercy Throne of God we should all our hearts and Souls lay bare

Grieving for our dead, the hurt causing us such hurt, anger and despair



The touch of the Monuments, the Names, our fingers linger there

Our pain everlasting, how the hate lingers, our tears on the ground

For our loved one’s taken, our bodies crumble onto the hallow ground

Hate can explode ones heart or the brain if we cannot divorce it in time

Our loved ones will soon be laying our bones parallel, six feet down


(Philosophy/Poem) Grace Is The Peace

Grace Is The Peace


Grace is the peace that the Lord has given

To him or to her, peace is the Spirit within

Grace is the warm blanket in the cold of night

Peace is the Spirit led Soul in the love of the Light

Love is the trust one has in the Spirit led life



Grace is always offered, given from the Heart of the Son

It is the Lords Peace that humans often try to run from

Why do humans often try to seek shadows in the darkness

Why do we try to make our lives from the dollar and the gun

There is no love or grace in the darkness we chose to roam



Man can be so foolish, some prefer darkness instead of the Son

If the Lord’s Spirit indwells you there is no place you can run

The Day of God’s judgement and recompense is soon coming

Through the Grace, love and peace of the Father and His Holy Son

From within us the Spirit of God, Grace and Peace He has given

If we choose to shun God’s Grace, the ignorant in Hell will be living

(Humor/Poem) Little Princess

Little Princess


Little girls are so pretty from the time they are born

With their smiles like Heaven so tender and warm

They learn to toddle and waddle and fall on their buns

With eyes lit like Angels, their hearts so tender and warm



God’s gifts from Mommy’s bellies to Daddy’s outstretched arms

The Princess taken to Her Castle where She will be safe from harm

Till school does begin and Her new world She does begin to charm

Smiling and dancing she leaves the little boys blushing needing to pee



Till finished with schooling, then Her Beau on one knee

Her Knight in shining armor in his Mustang takes her away

From Mommy and Daddy to her own new Castle he takes

Where she is now the Queen that her King totally adores



Not long in Her new Kingdom Her belly does start to rise

The Lord delivers to Her and Her Hubby a 7 pound surprise

A Bundle with bright shining eyes and often a pudding behind

With a smile like unto Heaven, their new Princess has arrived

(History/Poem) Galax Virginia

Galax Virginia


Galax, a pretty heart-shaped flower, a plant

Cluster of small white flowers to the eyes delight

But be careful of the stickers that can spike the hand

Pretty to the eyes, but a name known by few men



Southwest Virginia, a town, the flowers abundantly grew

Basset, Vaughn, and Webb, where hard-working families grew

Beautiful quality furnishings made in this Valley Estate

Set in Appalachia, The Blue Ridge, where Angels come to play



The people are friendly, always a nod and a wave

The rolling hills, valleys, New River, Crooked Creek

A birth place of Poetry, with so many a kind face

The World Famous Fiddlers Convention each August they play



Galax, a beautiful place to retire or to start over again

A community, a people, seemingly hidden in time

Land, homes, food, on an affordable dollar or dime

Peaceful, caring Christian demeanored folks you will find



The community like the flower, open-hearted, pretty and kind

Galax, Twin Counties, Carroll and Grayson friendliness you’ll find

Iron Ridge, beautiful green pastures, scenery frozen in my mind

The place of my birth, the place I hope my bones rest in the Lords time