Oreo The Cat

Oreo The Cat



Just the name brings a smile to my face

Though chocolate and cream filling

Cookies, dipped in the  milk so cold

Yet, none of these tasty treats are of what I speak

Oreo is the name of my all time favorite fat cat

A plump, double stuffed kitty

Coal black on both sides

With a big white belly to pet

Offend her, she’ll snub you

Sit facing away, then she might reward you

With a look over her shoulder

Gracing you with her glance

18 pounds of belly, white tippy toes

And the prettiest green eyes

I have ever seen on a cat

Grace given, allowed to have her for a pet

Now cookies are great

Eat enough you might find

You got a belly like Oreo’s

A dragging behind

A cat for a pet can be a lot of fun

An angel like Oreo

Allowing you to live under her roof

Now, open one more can of tuna

You know it’s her favorite

So just open it up and get out of her way

When it comes to her belly this sweetheart don’t play

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