(Philosophy/Poem) Well Child, Which Will It Be

Well Child, Which Will It Be



From the earliest of our days we all know it will come

There will be a day that none of us can escape from

When darkness will be all that our Soul and eyes see

Have we lived a life filled with joy or with ego and hate

Many beautiful creations surrounding us, but did we see



When and how are we to know when that day will be

When what we see now will be the last thing we see

When pain that racks our body and brain with dripping sweat

Like the heat of a hot August sun there is only one escape

From the pain from our brow like blood the sweat runs



Our brain forms the question, do we give up life to end the pain

From the depths of our nightmares in the middle of the day

In our drug induced sleep Red Eyes slithers into our dreams

He lays a deal on the table which our Soul can’t refuse to peek

Lucifer offers you a deal where we tonight can end all our pain



The offer of painless nights, with just one little request

Your Soul once you die, not like you’re using it anyway

Like an apple tree in Eden He paints a picture sublime

Keep your pain for many years, or let Him take it away

It is now time now to answer, well child, which will it be

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