(Philosophy/Poem) My Quiet Night

My Quiet Night


Quiet out tonight, very few rigs a running

Cloud cover, no stars do I see a shining

Good night to drive, make some miles before light

Instead I’m parked here in a Petro just wasting time

No big hurry, plenty of time to kill wishing I was home



Thirty-two hours to get there, on a four hour run

Laying a round a truck stop, just wasting my time

Trying to pretend that I really have a life or home

Pull out pictures of the family, put them on the dash

It is these little things that help keep a truck driver sane



Not just a job, it totally consumes you, it is your way of life

Always be careful in the parking lots, don’t lose you life

Never know what’s lurking in the shadow of the rigs

Never let your bare feet touch this soiled and filthy ground

You never know upon what your toes may step and get stuck

Diesel, oil, and urine, three good reason’s to carry a handy light



Act dumb, don’t heed my words, you will soon see I’m right

Finally time now to lay down my head, to waste this quiet night

Just now you close your eyes and hope for peaceful dreams

On your right a reefer box backs in with its unit running wild

Now on my left a bull rack appears, stench to Heaven on high

All the bellowing noise mixed in with the cows back side perfume

D.O.T., hot Jewelry Salesmen or Lot Lizards someone always knocking

A quiet night, something only in your dreams, if you could ever get any sleep

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