(Philosophy/Poem) Why Can’t I —My Salute To The American Teenager

Why Can’t I—My Salute To The American Teenager


Why can’t I do what ever I want

Who is anyone to tell me anything

Why do adults think they have a right

To dare tell me how I should act


Am I not the king of my own world

Others but not I should have laws and rules

Everyone should have to do exactly as I say

Everyone else should have to walk my line

In my presence do what I say, or go to Hell


I have nothing to be forgiven of

Am I not perfect in every way

Stay by my side, but don’t you dare speak

Maybe I’ll throw a few crumbs your way


Attitude, how dare you, I have no such a thing

Just make sure you always dance on my string

Whenever I grace you with a nod your way

Now sit down, shut up, and do exactly as I say


Now serf, open your mouth and tell me

Why it is anyone would dare to think ill of me

There’s no reason I should not always have my way

That’s enough, now sit down, and shut up

It’s now time for you to quietly serve me

As for me, it’s time for me to game

Why can’t I, there is no such a thing

Because I am King, and this is what I say


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