(Philosophy/Poem) Patriarch Of The Family

Patriarch Of The Family


I am now the Patriarch of our family

Small but close, we lived and loved

All those older have fallen a sleep

One dear sister in the frozen north still with me

All my elders have gone on a head of me


44, I am now the old man of the family tree

Grandparents, Parents, Brothers, Aunts, and Uncles

Not by choice, yet they have all left me to be

This is a position that I ever hoped or wanted to see


Have my life’s skills ever prepared thus to be

Am I now a symbol of light, right, and good

How will my actions or lack there of be seen

Are my ways arrogant, ignorant or love filled

Lord, I pray for your guidance for wisdom

As I now take this unwanted lineage crown

As the Patriarch of our loving little family


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