President Obama’s Foreign Policy, Is It Ignorance, Brilliance, Or Treason

President Obama’s Foreign Policy Is It Ignorance, Brilliance, Or Treason

This Post has absolutely nothing to do with either main political parties nor is this any kind of a race issue. The concern I am going to speak with you about is not a Democratic or Republican issue, it is an issue for all people of our country to be concerned with. The next pertinent question to me would be if his actions are somehow faith derived, personally I don’t think so, at least I hope not.


This post is not about NSA spying issues nor is it about unmanned drones or missile strikes. This post today is about foreign policy blunders in regards to his Middle East diplomacy. The first little bit of this post is going to cover an issues with President Obama’s Israel and Palestinian diplomacy debacle but the majority of the post is going to be centered around Saudi Arabia.


President Obama has  been making many foreign policy mistakes that are stabbing not just the nation of Israel in the back, his policies are also stabbing the American people in our backs. First, Israel and the Israeli people have been betrayed by our president when he laid out his plan for an Israeli Palestinian peace accord. In 1967 Israel fought a seven day war against all of her neighbors when they all in unison attacked the Israeli people. As a result of that war Israel captured East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights in the north from Syria and Gaza and land in the south from Egypt. President Obama announced his roadmap and it was that Israel should go back to the 1967 borders before the war. He broke that shocker off to the world without even consulting the Israeli government. He acted as if he were some kind of world monarch where all he had to do was speak and the world should just bow down to his wishes.


Israel of course said no that they were not going to do what Mr Obama wanted and President Obama has been made out to look like a fool by the Israeli Prime Minister. Israel will not ever give back these lands because they are used like the DMZ in Korea is used by the two Korean governments. American presidents Clinton, Bush, and now Obama keep putting plans on the negotiating table in which Israel is suppose to give up land for peace. In 1993 Israel tried this and the result was obvious, peace, no peace, it just made everything worse for the people of Israel. Israel gave up land in the SW and the SE, Gaza and the West Bank. Anyone with any bit of logic knew that the end result would not be peace, the result was that Hamas and all the areas hate groups now use that land as a base to continue attacking the Israeli people from. Now President Obama is pushing hard on the Israeli people to give up more and more land “for peace” he says. I can’t help but ask, is he really that stupid or is he really just an Islamist in a fancy suit?


Now I am going to get to the meat of the issue I am writing to you about today, I am going to show and explain to you what our president is doing to destroy our country by destroying our economy and destroying our relations with our allies. The only thing I have to wonder is, is he really this ignorant, or is he really trying his best to destroy our country. President Obama’s Middle East policies have got to be one of three things as far as I can see. 1)ignorance- simply meaning that he is a person with good intentions but he has no idea how reality works in this region of the world 2) He’s brilliant- in that he has some master plan that seems to be in pissing off all of our allies in the region as he gets all the countries and people who hate us now to change their minds about us and start loving us and then also get the countries he angered now to come back into the fold of friendship later on after he shows everyone how smart he really is. 3) He is guilty of treason at the highest levels possible within within our or any government. Personally of these three I have to go with number one because I don’t believe that it is number two and I pray for all of our sakes that it is not number three.


After Israel Saudi Arabia is the closest thing to an ally that we have in the region, at least in as far as the larger Arab countries are concerned. We do have some working relationships with countries like Bahrain where our seventh fleet is stationed and the UAE and Kuwait but as far as line of importance the Saudi government is the closest thing to a stable rock that the Middle East has and we and the rest of the world need the Saudi government to remain friendly with us. The trouble is President Obama’s Middle East actions have already majorly angered the Saudi Royal family.


There are things about reality of the situation within the Saudi Kingdom that our president is privy to that his actions would make you think he is clueless and I just don’t believe he is clueless and that fact highly concerns me. I am sure that some of you who are reading this disagrees with me about the Saudi’s being our friend and I understand your line of thought on this matter. For example of the 21 hijackers of the 911 jets 18 or 19 of them were Saudi nationals. But that fact by no means suggest that their government was behind the event. Also if we are to believe what our CIA tells us, there are some members of the Saudi Royal family who have given and are giving millions of dollars secretly to Sunni Islamic terrorist groups like Al-Queda. This action has got to be put into context of the reality on the ground within the Kingdom. Americans need to be knowledgeable about the size of the Royal family, we can’t judge them by current American size of families. The Saudi royal family consists of hundreds of family members. Do you remember the size of the Bin Laden family, Osama was just one of the “minor” sons, the left hand is not always privy to what the right hand is doing.


In the Muslim part of the world religion is extremely important within their society to the degree that their religion is their politics and their politics is their religion. As most of us know by now there are two main sects within the Islamic faith, the Sunni sect and the Shi’ite and there are offshoots of these like the Alawite sect of the Shi’ites that the president of Syria and his family are part of. There is a lot of hatred between these two groups that goes back many hundreds of years. It is believed by each other that the other is not “true followers of Allah” and many believe that this is reason to kill the others. Before we Christians get on our high horse and start judging them for this as though it is only an Arab problem we need to remember that there have been many deaths from Catholic and Protestant rage toward each other. It is my opinion that if you are a baptised person who believes that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God then you are a Christian, period. From there, let God Himself be the judge, not you or I.


As most of us know, Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter, this position gives them the position of having a lot of say so when it comes to world market quantity and market price. America imports more oil from the Saudi’s than we do from any other country. This is just one of the reasons why America needs the Saudi Kingdom to be stable and for them and us to have a good working relationship. The Saudi Royal family and the vast majority of their countries population is of the Sunni faith. Iran, Syria, and the terrorist Army of Hezbollah are Shi’ite so the Saudis are a counterweight to these groups. Militarily Iran is the single biggest worry for the Kingdom as Iran for the past thirty years or so have been very active in terrorism within other Muslim countries that are not Shi’ite as they push their version of Islam on their neighbors. Syria as you know has been in a very bloody war civil war now for about thirty-two months. A large section of the people fighting against Syrian President Al-Assad are Sunni fighters of which the Saudi government is helping in the training and supplying of. The Saudi’s want Syria’s current government to fall thus giving Iran one less powerful allie in the region. The Saudi Royal Family are also concerned about Iran getting nuclear weapons just as Israel is concerned because both believe the hardline Cleric led government would use them. These are some of the reasons that the Saudi government is so mad at the U.S. (President Obama) right now.


People of the Middle East are a people who have a lot of respect for strength and for people and countries standing behind the words and promises they have made. Here in the U.S. both of our political parties are always playing political games trying to always make the other look weak so that they can hopefully garner more votes and more donations, in the Middle East they are smart enough to realise that their lives are on the line so they aren’t into playing these games. President Obama’s actions especially lately have very much angered the Saudi leaders. This is why the Saudi’s have become outwardly verbal on the world stage against President Obama’s actions lately. In the UN there are five permanent members of the Security Council along with a rotating sixth seat that is a rotating position that last for two years, on January 1st it was Saudi Arabia’s turn for that seat. No nation has ever thumbed their nose at the U.N. before by not taking the opportunity to take this two year position, until now. The Saudi government has made it plain to the world that they will not take this seat because they feel that the Security Council is worthless because they are worthless. The ways the bylaws are set up for the council if anyone of the five permanent members veto a plan of action against any plan then the U.N. is not allowed to step into a conflict. This is what has happened within the Council regarding helping the rebels fighting against the Syrian government. But that doesn’t then mean that a nation on

their own can’t take an action.


Here are some of President Obama’s blunders, (or are they treason) in the Saudi government’s eyes. The Syrian government has a lot of chemical weapons and if you remember President Obama made a very publicized speech on how if the Syrian government used these chemical weapons on his own people that this action would be a “red line” and if the Syrian government crossed that line then the Syrian government would be held accountable. The meaning was an obvious threat of military action by the U.S. against the Syrian government. Well, now the world knows that this so called red line has been breached several times and the Saudi government had been promised military action against Syria by President Obama, but, as we all know he broke his promise, he lied to them. Prior to this red line issue president Obama has told the world that the U.S. would help those fighting against the Syrian regime with some assistance with some weapons that were bigger than the small arms they they currently have. Again president Obama lied to the Saudi’s and the world.


Population wise Saudi neighbor Egypt is the largest of the Islamic nations. If you remember, a couple of years ago the Egyptian people held a popular revolt against their long time President and got him to step down and he was put into prison for crimes against his own people. Eventually through the voting process the Egyptian people voted themselves a new President who was a member of an Islamist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. During his one year in power the President and his Muslim Brotherhood party systematically started setting up an Islamist government which most all of the people did not want, also during this time the Egyptian economy became a disaster through their policies. Finally the Egyptian people had enough of what was being forced upon them and they revolted and the Egyptian Army removed and arrested the President. The army is now in power as they are trying to set up another national vote.


During this transition time the followers of the Brotherhood have been revolting against the Army. There is no way that this could have possibly been a surprise to anyone. Some of these demonstrations were bloody as everyone had to know that they would be. There are two issues here you need to be knowledgeable of, for many years the United States and the Egyptian military have had close working relations. We have trained most of their military leaders and we have been supplying the Egyptian government with about four billion dollars worth of annual aid with most of that aid being to their military. Also, the Saudi government was and has always been very skeptic of the Brotherhood because they knew that they were hardline Islamist and they didn’t want that problem spilling over into their country. Here is the issue that has angered the Saudi’s, President Obama recently cut off the aid to Egypt because of the bloody rebellion of the Brotherhood. This very much has angered the Egyptian military and the Egyptian people against the Americans because it does look like and feel like to them that President Obama is  on the side of the Islamist Brotherhood. If you are saying no that couldn’t be, well, yes it could, President Obama has on several occasions publicly told the Egyptian Army to reinstall the Brotherhoods President. What else could the Saudi’s or the Egyptian people possibly think?


Since the Iranian people voted into office a new President a few months ago that is suppose to be a “moderate”, the world has been falsely thinking that Iran would now come to the bargaining table concerning their nuclear program. There is a problem there, in Iran the President is not the ultimate authority. They have a system where there is a small group of Clerics who hold the real power, with the main person being a man who calls himself “The Supreme Ruler”. Nothing changes unless he says so, not the Presidents words or wills. The Saudi people know this and so does President Obama yet President Obama keeps talking of softening the sanctions on Iran. The Saudi’s are worried that President Obama is getting too comfortable with the Saudi’s arch enemy.


If you think that this is not our problem as a people in regards to how our President is performing his job you are very wrong. In 1972 then American President Nixon and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger worked out a deal with the Saudi’s that the benchmark currency for their oil would be the dollar. Hopefully you are aware that Russia and China have been calling on the global community to ditch the dollar as the worlds main currency. With the recent stupidity we just witnessed here once again in DC with the shutting down of the government because of these politicians ego’s and political gamesmanship, they are just throwing fuel on the fire that is about to burn our economy to the ground. If the Saudi government was to decide that the dollar is to unstable and decide to change the currency they trade in, America, we are in trouble. Right now in Saudi Arabia the Chinese government secured a contract in which they are building, with Chinese workers, the largest oil refinery in the world. If the Saudi government decides to go to the Chinese Yuan in anger because of Presidents Obama’s dangerous “their opinion” policies, to word it nicely, fellow Americans, we will have been given the biggest scr_w job in our countries history.

So now, I am going to close with this question once again. 1) Is President Obama’s foreign policies because he is ignorant, living in some kind of a fantasy world. 2) Is he the most brilliant person in the world with some kind of grand scheme that only he can accomplish through his Godly wisdom. 3) Or is what he is doing to America’s reputation in the world because he truly is an Islamist who is doing everything he can to destroy our country inside and out? The Lord knows that I hope that it is not #3.

One thought on “President Obama’s Foreign Policy, Is It Ignorance, Brilliance, Or Treason

  1. He wants to appear as some sort of international master of diplomatic affairs and while he gives away the government’s borrowed money – people here starve and veterans live on the street. (I think you’re getting a picture of how much I regard our “pres.” Frankly – we’d do better with that idiot Biden.


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