Ghosts Of My Present

Each day of my life

To see my truth for what it is

To x-ray my inner self

To first see, then try to understand

The Ghosts that within myself persists

To understand the things, acts, and events

They roam freely the interstates and backroads

Not just the nights when I fight them for sleep

Even when the sun is high, there are people and events

That my heart and mind have embossed upon my soul

The ghosts of my present, keep my heart and mind at risk

Some like Casper are friendly

Wishing I could once again kiss their cheek

To hug them tightly, and let them know how much there missed

There are others like Caspers three abrasive uncles

Wearing steel cleats as they walk across my heart

Raking up the memories of all the hurts

Some of which my actions no doubt have caused

No way now to correct those sins

Nor the hurts I have caused within my past

These ghosts that haunt my present

Whether they be good or bad

Until our very last breath is drawn

These ghosts with which we all must sleep

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