(Poem) Time




To each of us time is the teller of all things

Our life begins with a slap to our bottoms

Then ends with a breath as we lay dying

What do we do in between with this gift of love

Defines who we are and what we’ve become



Time is endless in space, but not for us specks of sand

Our time is given by Grace from our Creator above

But how do we repay those gifts of this unconditional love

Time marches on yet and not for any one of us will it wait



What we do with our time is the tale of our Judgement’s fate

Weather we be good or be evil we each on our own decide

Do we spend our time wisely, or like some fool living a lie

In our life we have freedom to choose if to die once, or to die twice

Time marches on and from our own Judgement none of us can hide

(Poem) Candles



Sixteen candles, for me, it was a long time ago

Sixteen times three just a footprint in history to me

I have been blessed with well over sixty odd years

Candles of my history I  have had many good friends

Weather it be blessed or cursed, I’ve had many a good time

But the weight of my  pains could drown a grown man


Can we see clearly through the candles of our live’s

Does depression keep our vision always looking behind

We don’t know if there are any candles still ahead for us

Look ahead with your heart and your head and in the Lord trust

We can’t go back though the candles to change things we’ve done

Knowing if we could it would change many lives we have touched


Candles of time are like bridges we have blown out

Try not to carry the baggage of things we can not change anyway

For we will drown in the mire and the muck from such heavy chains

Try to always look inward and up to the Lord’s light from above

For all the candles you see are for you, they were given in love

Try to realize that each candle is a present from our Maker’s hand

Please don’t be depressed for the things you can never change

From the womb each candle was given to you by God’s grace and love

(Poem) The Porcelain Throne

The Porcelain Throne


The Porcelain Throne A most visited realm

What would we do without this filthy friend

We rush to its aid to plunge away its tears

Wishing not to inhale it’s poignant perfume


We often go visit this sturdy stinky old friend

Sitting, squatting, or hiking we introduce ourselves again

This funny thing happens when we get ill we crawl

To this throne and our innards we spill once again


Though small in stature it’s purpose is clear

It stands on the ready your supper to clear

Then a short time later for tequila and beer

(Poem) Two Ways Of Life



The ways of life are two-fold my friend

Though Church and State offer other ways to offend

Whether in Sin City or in Eden we do reside

Whether we wish to or not, we do choose a side


The politician who chooses a fence to ride

Not seeing or knowing that it is a razor blade

If you choose to sit upon it, two times you die


We all shall see a light one day you know

Either from the glory above or from the heat below

Two ways to live our life,  the good or the bad

Once we breathe our last breath and our heart is quiet

Like it or not, now one of these two ways will find us

(Poem) My Old Kentucky Run



Early this morning in these old Kentucky hills

I did leave my cabin in search of a meal

Looking for a squirrel, rabbit, or pheasant my belly to fill

Three extra shells for my 20 gauge strapped to my side

I popped up over a hill and to my surprise

Eye ball to belly with a bear twice my size



Off and a running with nowhere to hide

Tooth pick legs a pumping, corn liquor belly swaying side to side

Huffing and puffing, I just can’t out run this four-legged fiend

Lord I know this prayer is quite a bit to late

But Lord please give me faster feet or a much bigger gun

With fangs in my backside, and no shine to kill the pain

Now sauteed and seasoned on this bad boys plate

Only hope now is that Heaven is the place I awake




Comments Resulting From Yahoo Article About A Rash of Middle-East Suicide Bombings

  • On Sunday October 27th, 2013 I read an article on my Yahoo home page about a rash of recent car bombings and suicide bombings in the Middle-East. At the bottom of the page as you probably know, there is a space where you can make a comment if you wish to. I am now going to show you what I said in my comment. It will be word for word so that nothing can be taken out of context. Now it is up to you to think whatever you wish. After I read this gentleman’s response I then answered him back what I think of his comment. I do not ever try to do a tit-for-tat because I think that is a childish response to anything, I just try the best that I know how to just be honest in what I write.
    I wrote,—“The most violent religion on earth, it is really sad that a person can convince themselves that God wants them to commit suicide and murder. If God wants people killed, God is completely capable of doing it Himself. He does not need anyone’s help. If a person says to himself that the Deity that he is serving as God is telling them to go out into the world and maim and kill, then it is not God who he is listening to, it is Satan, not God”.
    Anthony C. wrote me back the following, again word for word.—“It was Christian white folks that oppressed and enslaved the black africans, and with their corrupt doctrine of a bible that support the oppression and killing of slaves. you have killed over 8million indians to make your U.S.A..just like you now killed and miss place and murder over 4million Palestinians and jews to make a dirty and un-holy state called israel with over 50,000 gays and lesbians, all in the name of christianity”.
    Now, this last part is my response to Anthony C.

    Anthony, on some of the history items you mentioned you are correct or at least close to correct but on some things you may be a bit amiss. It is obvious that you are doing some of your comments from a hate filled view, so, if you don’t mind too much I will go down your list. Yes it is true that a lot of wealthy white folks of times past had and traded in slaves, scripture does not say that slavery is wrong as it was an accepted fact it that time era. Slavery is something that I personally think is horrible. In the (new world) rich folks tried enslaving pretty much everyone to work on their plantations ect but the poor whites and the Indian people would  run away asap. This is when it was decided by these rich white folks to import Africans to do their work for them because if they tried to run away they didn’t have any place they could blend into and it was thought that the African slaves could physically handle the heat and the hard work. This was the first time that a people were enslaved by being a certain race, which at least in my thoughts is horrible. I have learned through much reading that the biggest slave market in the world today is in the Islamic world and still of mostly black people from northern Africa. There is also horrible systems set up like in China and India with their Caste system, it is horrible how humans treat each other.
    Christianity has never ever okay’ed the beating or killing of anyone, ever. The people who call themselves Christians and act in these manners will see very plainly what Hell is like. Bible doctrine does not give anyone the right to harm or kill. The Crusades of the Catholic church of many hundreds of years ago were evil, Popes who ordered these military events were evil to the point of Demonic. These did kill many, many thousands of people and the blood of these people will be put upon these so called Christian leaders who did those acts.
    Now the Indian event you speak of Anthony, yes it is a horrible truth that most of the Europeans that came to the Americas considered people who were not white as being savages, soulless, and even non humans. This is how they were able to justify to themselves taking/stealing the land of these “savages” and in killing them if they fought back. In our southwest we have a state called New Mexico that has the largest Indian reservation in our country, it is of the Navajo people. In America some peoples yell loudly about how badly they were treated in time past, and most certainly they have the right and the grounds to do so, but by far the People who were treated the worst by the so called Christian white man are the Indian people of our country.
    Here now is a point that by the tone of your hatred you will not like or except. If the American Indian people decided to stage a revolt today in this time era and by force took back all the land of even one state, like New Mexico, would it be okay for the rest of our countries people to bitch and complain about those Indians stealing OUR land? That rings of total stupidity doesn’t it. After all, it was their land that we stole from them correct? Very hypocritical of the non-Indian people to think or act as if the Indian people stole our land?
    Here is the point I know you won’t like. There was a world before 632 A.D. The Jewish people were on the land that belonged to the nation of Israel for about 1,700 years before Muhammad was even born. Muhammad and his armies invaded, stole, and murdered their way through many regional nations including Palestine.
    In 1948 a small sliver of the land that belongs to the nation of Israel was forcibly taken back by their rightful owners. The Arab nations in the middle east still possess about 99% of all the land, if the Muslim people of the middle east wanted to they could have easily assimilated the Palestinian people into their culture, Jordan tried for awhile but even they threw them out. There could easily be peace in the Holy Land but both sides have to want peace and the Palestinian leadership and military wings will not tolerate peace with Israel. And in regards to the gay and lesbian stupidity, the Bible does not okay these actions, the Bible is strongly against such things, so saying this STUFF about “in the name of Christianity”, you don’t even have a clue what you are talking about, your hatred precedes the activation of your knowledge, if you actually have any.

    Now folks, it’s your turn, what do you think? Was I to harsh?—Goodnight and I hope and pray that God will bless and keep you and all of your loved ones safe in this hatefilled world.



(Poem) X-Wives



She used to be a wife to me

Fulfilling the lust of my dreams

Her belly grew from love of my seed

Now blond hair with green eyes a glow

Barely now twelve months in the wind

One more angel, blessed again

Though not tied, you would think they were twins

Wherever one went a second blended like a shadow



I should have known their Mother would roam

Into the bed of many my heart suffered such pain

Working too much if you’re married to a slut

This disaster is not a good home in the making

Your Angels get used as bait to make your heart-break



From deep in your Soul your heart and mind can’t take it

Not caring that for lust your family home she is destroying

Men, divorce is no one’s friend do not play it like a fiddle

Not just your heart, your children always lose in the end

Son, be careful what she is when you say you wish to get hitched

Easily spread legs not always one you should consider to marry



(Poem) Barrels And Bullets


In 632 it began with the deceiving of a man

Deceived by a snake wrapped in the sand as if a man

Hate rising, man against man, over and over again

God’s covenant was given to all of mankind

By being aloof with great ego’s mankind is blinded



To their brothers of the sand they hid the love of God’s Bride

For their love was not within being consumed in their pride

Through the centuries now for how many millions have died

For the love that was not given their brothers were driven away

To our brothers and sisters of  the sand hate kills the Soul of a man

By your love not given you drove them into the arms of the deceiver



For the black gold of the sand now is covered in red

Of all the innocent women, children, and men

The leaders of this world have sold their own souls

How many bullets does one barrel of black gold hold

That is one that I’m sure the great deceiver knows



(Poem) Love And Kindness



What is within the heart of a man

Is it love and kindness, or hate

That upon your heart is brand

Little grain of sand, are you animal or man

What is it you think that makes you stand

Is it love and kindness, are you a friend


Love and kindness, is it your true light

Or is it brimstone hiding behind a veil

What is within your heart o man

Who does rule your soul within

O love and kindness, are you my friend

Tea Party Part Two and The Good And Bad About unions

Tea Party Part two—And A Couple Of Other Issues


This post is partly in response to a response I received from MS Dana in her being disappointed in what I had previously written about the Tea Party, and it is quite possible that she will be disappointed with this reply also. I had intended to add my personal beliefs at the end of that article but chose not too so I am going to make up for that issue now. I had hoped that the Tea Party when it was first starting up would be a third party unto itself and I still think that would be a good idea to divorce themselves from the Republican Party because it is plain that the main body of the Republican Party is at odds with the Tea Party agenda. The leaders of the Tea Party know that this is a fact, that is why they keep running their own candidates against sitting Republicans in the Republican Primaries.


For us folks who are old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan was trying to become President in 1980 he made the statement several times that “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me” as for most of his life he had been a Democrat . The issue was that  their policies, the things the Democratic Party platform stood for evolved away from his beliefs. Rush Limbaugh on one of his radio shows many years ago (I believe that the time frame was about 1993 or 94) he compared the policies of President John F Kennedy to the current time and made a very good argument that in todays politics (93-94), that this Idol of the Democratic Party would have been considered a conservative Republican.


I grew up in a family that were poor southern factory workers most all of their lives. My parents were strong believers in unions so that the working people could have at least some job protection. Back then when I was a little kid and started going to church I remember several times seeing drawing illustrations that were in black and white where the preacher that was the dark shade of the two was always the democrat. This was because of the church peoples belief that the Democratic Party and the Church had the same belief system, and if I remember correctly I don’t ever recall  seeing anyone but white folks in those Churches back then.To me the way that Churches of today that are mostly black (it seems) to still be aligning themselves with a Party that is so ferociously pro abortion is a disgrace to the Christian faith. President Reagan was the first Republican that I ever voted for, as he used to say, I say the same, I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, they left me.


What I was making note of in my Tea Party part one article about how our government is totally gridlocked almost everything is done on straight party line votes. If there were the three parties that I have been speaking of, by most of my personal beliefs I would align with the Tea Party. With the system that is in place now most everyone knows that our government is completely broken. With just the two parties (choices) in place the Republican Party is dysfunctional at best. You know that only about half of the people in our country that are eligible to vote even bother to register, and in the biggest elections (Presidential) only about half of the registered voters bother to go to the polls. The reasoning is simple, people do not believe that either sides candidates care anything about the people or the country, only about themselves and their parties.


Most people that I have spoken with for years now feel that when they go to vote that mainly they are voting for the ones they think will do the least damage to our country, it is sorta like which crook do we vote for and most Americans have made it plain that they wish they could vote for none of the above. With the Tea Party they say they are for things like less taxes, smaller government, and better border security. These things I agree with but still there are other issues like their fervent anti union stance that I totally do not agree with. You see, I believe that most Americans want more than the two choices that is being forced on us. Example of this personally would be my split of feelings about weather to vote for a party that is blatant anti working people or vote for a party that is for the mass murder of defenceless babies. We the People deserve much more and better choices than what we are given. I believe the Tea Party breaking away from the Republican Party or the Republican Party divorcing the Tea Party would be a very good first step for all the people.


So that I can make one thing clearer about my pro union stance, I feel I should add this last paragraph to this article. In the last Presidential Primaries Newt often railed about how the unions were destroying our country, that is sorta novel being the union workforce is only about 2% of the workforce. But then again he railed about the welfare system in America and then included in his rant things like government pensions, social security benefits including disability, military retirement pay and VA disability payments that are things that are destroying our country. I never heard him ever directly say that pensions that he does except himself like the golden parachute he personally gets each month from being in the Congress is a problem for him.—Sorry about getting off subject there for a moment but hypocrites really bother me.—Unions, I have seen first hand many times when I went into union shops, factories, warehouses ect how anti production the union had made it’s members. I spent most all of my working life as a long haul truck driver so through about 30 years I was in many hundreds or more union shops and non union shops. Unions are mainly set up to get the most possible dollar value for their members while at the same time making it to where their members had to do as little as possible. Companies are just the opposite, they want to maximise their profits for their stockholders or owners so they want to pay as little as possible for the work being done and they want the employees to work as hard as possible to produce more. A good example of this issue is a large paper company that has a mill in Louisiana where I picked up a load of big rolls of stock paper, once you bumped the dock and walked onto the dock you were sent to pick up your paperwork at the office about 200 feet away. You go in, sign your bills and go back to your trailer that is now loaded. At this location you could literally hear the forklifts squealing their tires as they rushed about, needless to say they were a nonunion shop. This load went to one of their warehouses on the north side of Indianapolis Indiana which was union in whats called an in house move. Their warehouse was huge, if I remember correctly it had about forty dock doors with no trailers in any dock, I had to just wait in their dock for four hours before anyone would leave the break room and spend the ten minutes needed to unload. Or, like a load I did a couple of times bringing parts into a General Motors assembly plant, you must be there one hour before your appointment, you check in and they give you a dock number to line up on but you can’t back into the dock until told to do so. Example, 5 am appointment, check in at 4am about 4pm they finally get the evening shift to unload the five rack’s that take about five minutes to off load. All day long the work crew sat in the break room drinking coffee, watching TV and reading papers and the such. Even telling their foremans and their union reps to go to hell, and I’m being polite, when they would as them to please leave the break room and go unload the trailers.

On the other side of the coin are examples like when we moved here to east Tennessee. I went to the DMV when it opened to get my tags and the such and there were a lot of hispanic folks lined up to get their state ID’s so that they could work. After a few minutes of waiting my turn in line a lady came and got me from the inside, she was the one who let me know why all those folks were there. She told me her story while waiting on me about how she had worked here in town at what was the town’s largest factory for fourteen years until one Monday morning she was waiting at her station for the bell to ring and her foreman came up to her with a very young hispanic male who could not speak english and the foreman told her “here’s your replacement, youre fired”. When you are in an area that is nonunion and you are only making minimum wage or very close to it, with no benefits at all, and you are let go so they can put a new person on, it’s not to hard to figure out how much these people are going to get paid. And this folks is one of the reasons why union protection is needed.


I know that this was more drawn out than I intended for it to be but finally here is my relation between policies and political parties. Just as unions and companies need to work together to help make the whole work for the good of everyone so do we the people need options like the Tea Party to be it’s own party and for those who are following the Democratic party as the least of two evils in their eyes to have splinter parties come off of the Democratic Party also, for the good of the country as a whole because it is obvious that the two party system we have now is broken. O, by the way, that large factory after they had gotten rid of almost all of the local workers they decided they could make more profit to just close down the factory and move everything to Mexico, I guess it was cheaper than bussing all those poor folks all the way up here. In my opinion we as a people need more caring by corporations, unions, and political parties. We are either going to work together or we as a nation are going to implode. O,by the way, I nor any of my family have ever bought any of this companies chairs since nor will we ever buy anything from the company that sold this town and her people out by taking their business out of our country. If everyone would protest these companies that do these type of moves we could hit them in the only heart and soul they have, their bank accounts. Okay, I will quit gripping now, goodnight everyone.