Puerto Rico And Their Taxing Issues

Puerto Rico And Their Taxing Issues


I just read an article online about the major finincial problems of their nation and their people. It seems that Puerto Rico’s politicians have the same ignorance to reality issues that ones here in the states have about taxing. When you listen to the BBC like I like to do, you realise that the EU countries with their major financial woes also feed into the theory of more taxes will make all their problems go away, it doesn’t make the problems go away, it just makes the plight of the people in the lower income levels much worse off.


I grew up in a town about an hours drive west of Chicago Illinois in the town of Belvidere. It was a working class town of about 15,000 people at that time. I didn’t get to listen to much radio in our home but when my dad wasn’t around I would listen to WLS, 89 AM. It was there that I got to listen to the politics and the issues of the day. If you know anything about Chicago you know they are consumed with political intrigue. Politicians and their antics almost always get top billing from the local news agencies. This is when I started forming opinions about how things were handled there on issues like city services, financial issues, and taxes.


First I am going to talk about Chicago city services like their rail and bus systems. As most all of us know there are two things that a politician wants from each of us, our vote and all of our money. That seems to be true of most all of them no matter what level of office they want to hold. I remember several times listening to the people on the radio programs talk about their mass transit financial woes. It seemed to be the problem was always addressed the same way, raise the cost per ticket and cut some of the routes from existence. There are a couple of major problems with this format. If for example the cost of a ticket each day into town so you can get to your job cost $1.00, so that equals $2.00 per day. So, you are paying $10.00 per five day work week. The politicians look at ridership numbers on each route so they will know which ones to eliminate, also how much they think they need to raise the price of each ticket to correct the financial red ink.  So they go by ridership numbers, how many people are riding your bus that you use to get to work on each day. But, you live in one of the many poor neighborhoods where the bus is essential for getting to their jobs because they can’t afford a car. What the politicians don’t understand is when they keep increasing the ticket cost, the people who need the service the most get to where they can’t afford the cost of the tickets so they have to quit their jobs, or walk.

If I owned one of those busses and say it holds 50 people and the bus ridership on each of my routes averaged 35 sold tickets. Now, I think that my cost figures were calculated at a ridership averaging 45. So I decide to raise the cost of the tickets to make up that difference. This is what always happens in real life, the politicians think the way to put more money in their bank is to raise the cost, raise the taxes. But the result always backfires, their total revenue goes down because with the cost of the ticket goes up, the ridership numbers go down. So, at the end of the year they now see that their total income is less than the year before and they just can’t understand why. The next thing the politicians at City Hall do is to cut these routes that aren’t making the city money. This is stupid and cruel, the routes they cut are always to the poorest neighborhoods, the people that needed the bus the most now lose their jobs because they can’t get to them. The answer to the problem of not enough ridership is simple, if they would give a darn they could look at the numbers because it is all about the money intake. Always when the price of the tickets goes up, ridership goes down, especially in the poorer neighborhoods. Here is my answer to correcting the problem but it is one that politicians just won’t do, lower the cost of the tickets and you will fill the busses seats because now more people can afford to ride. If the busses are always full your revenue will increase. It is such a simple solution to so many of the public’s financial woes weather it is in the mainland, England, France, or Puerto Rico.


If your government really cares about you there in Puerto Rico they need to cut all taxes way back, say 50%, both on all the people and on all the business. This would stimulate your economy very quickly, creating jobs because businesses would want to expand and produce more products,  the people would have jobs in which to pay income taxes with which stimulates your economy as you are able to buy things from your local stores which creates more tax revenue for the state. It is a win win situation for your people and for the country itself.


I really wish that people like Ms Priscilla Vazquez from the Manufactures Association would press your government very loudly with these solutions I have just written about. Please think about this solution for your country’s financial problems. Please think about how life for you the people of Puerto Rico is right now. Now, what are the answers your country’s leadership is putting upon you the people. They say tax everything more, what is the result you are getting? The factories are closing and people are losing their jobs. The end result is the people go hungry and lose everything they have spent their whole lives working for. Also, this also causes the amount of total income for the state to fall to less than it was before they raised the taxes.


I did take a little bit of economics when I was in college but my degrees are in other career fields. But, I really don’t think it takes a brain surgeon to be able to see this simple solution. The more people are able to be involved in a nations economy creates a larger GDP which creates more tax revenue, this is done by lowering the taxes. I guess all that I can do is to pray for you all and wish the best of luck for each of you because I don’t think any politician has the guts to really do these things that are needed to be done.

Israel Is Not The occupier

                                           Israel is not the occupier-First Published On 9-23-2013


The Hebrew/Jewish people are not the occupier of the Holy lands, saying they are is an ignorant statement in itself. That statement is about as intelligent as saying the Navajo people are the occupiers of the white man’s lands in New Mexico. The Jewish/Hebrew people had lived in the Holy Lands for about 2,200 years before the creation of the Islamic religion. If people would check the history books you would find that Islam began in/about 632 A.D.. You might also be surprised to find out that Christian and Jewish Peoples dominated the whole Middle-East at the time of Islam’s inception. Israel is today only on a small sliver of the land that actually belongs to Her. If you look at the map of Israel that God Himself gave to the Hebrew people then you would see that it is not the Israelis who are living on Palestinian land.  By God’s orders all the land that the media is saying Israel is the ‘occupier’ of is totally a lie and they know it. In fact every inch of the ground that is currently Israel as well as all of Gaza and the West-Bank belongs totally 100% to Israel not the ‘Palestinians’.

When Mohammed came back to Mecca from Media he came as a conquering general, not as a Holy man. Soon thousands of uneducated violent men were ridding rampant across all of the Middle-East and then up into France and Spain until they were finally turned back by force, back across the sea into North Africa. Holy man, really? Their MO was the same then as it is now, murder everyone who refuses to bow to their God, then take all of their possessions as spoils of war.

The Quran is not the primary Holy book of Islam; it is the secondary book of their faith. The Quran is the “sayings of the Prophet”. There is a book called the Hadith which is the book of “the works/actions” of the Prophet. All “good” Muslims are required to “do as the prophet did, to imitate his works”. This is the book that Islam tries to hide from the rest of the world because it shows their “action plan for Jihad on the rest of all the nations”.  It is no secret to the 20% or so of their faithful male population that can read, nor to the 50% or so of their preachers who can read, that Islam is at war with the rest of the world, and that war will never stop until Gabriel sounds God’s trumpet.

The Western countries and America are to lazy and to ignorant of religious realities to understand that a billion people are at war with them. There is an old reality, when only one side of something is at war, that is the side that will win. If you know Scripture, you would know these things and you would be able to see this blueprint being followed.

About 98-99% of all of the earth’s people who follow the God of love/kindness/ and caring are going to be murdered for their faith and for their possessions. Those that conform to the evils that are now upon all the earth in the effort to just get along, and to survive for now, will be crushed like the grapes in the wine-press at the sounding of God’s trumpet. All I can do is to feel sorry for those shallow scared people, that and pray for them to wake up before they are also murdered by this “God” of hate. God is love, God is not hate. If you are a person who is following a God of hate, you will forever live in the fire with him.

When you begin to realize that in the Middle-East that with Islam and with Judaism their religion is their politics and their politics is their religion, maybe you will begin to understand reality a little more. Just like Hamas took over Gaza and next they will root out Fatah (because they consider them to be more liberal), in the West Bank. Fundamental Islam will not share any power longer that they feel is necessary to do so. ISIS is a Sunni group, among the things they are trying to eradicate is everyone who is not a faithful follower of Sunni Islam, that does include all Shiite Islamist believing people. Iran is Shiite as is the Government of Syria and Iraq. For now this is where ISIS is concentrating most of it military power, for now. People the Middle-East is a total tender box, when it goes up the world economies are going to have the proverbial cow. This hell will soon be on our shores. Most folks in the world are totally unaware of it but many of the first shots have been fired in WWIII. If President Putin would wake up and realize where his and his country’s real enemies are and stop trying to act like a WWII thug it would be very helpful for world and Russian economies and their safety. We the people must have each others backs or we will all die.

Do you see how much good all the blood and money we poured into Iraq has done? Now we will have civil war there until one sect rules the others, then we get another cancer for their “Supreme” leader. Next, the president of Afghanistan is in talks with the Taliban to work out a government sharing plan “with American guidance”. Why did we “the west and the US” put all the blood and money into this country, to get this result? It will not be long until their president is dead or living in exile, and the Taliban will again rule that country. The only way to put an end to terrorism is to completely eradicate the cancer that is trying/going to kill you. America and the West are of to weak of a stomach for that. This is why one of the three Demons/anti-Christ will be from the Americas’, and all who will not “submit” to them will die. Friends/people/brothers, the world IS at war, everyone, everywhere has a decision to make (doing nothing is in itself a decision), are we going to die like free God-loving human beings, hoping and waiting on Gods’ trumpet, or we will die like animals on our knees before the ultimate tyrant.      


The people of Israel are well aware of all of these truths about their neighbors on all sides. The people of Israel know that they are hated by almost all of their neighbors people and their Governments. These people know that everyday they and their families are on the front lines of this war that all of the west seems to turn a blind eye to, as much as they feel they can get away with. If you pretend something isn’t there, it isn’t is it? The American Government doesn’t seem to understand the region. Our Governments Leaders all need to wake up, Israel is the best friend the United States has ever had. 


It’s Called Trickle Up Economics



    These days we are again hearing the old term in politics that I first heard from the Reagan era, people in Washington call it the Trickle Down Theory. The concept is being practiced by both parties, though they would probably deny it. Today these people tend to use the words “Stimulus Package”. If you remember, We tried this approach shortly before he (George W. Bush) got out of office. Then came Mr. Obama, he tried his own version of a stimulus package, bailing out the banks and Wall Street, the very people who caused almost all of the problems in the first place. The idea of this scam was to strengthen our country’s financial base from the top down. You see, neither party “get’s it”, you give the top one percent all the financial means and they just hold onto it. I have a question for you, how many of We The People have been able to get a loan, for personal or for small or medium size businesses since the banks got “our” money handed to them? Do you remember just a couple of years ago Mr. Obama was caught on camera at some conference table filled with his cronies and he said in reference to his stimulus package, “I guess that the country wasn’t as shovel ready as we had thought” and he and his cronies had a good laugh about it.

    Now Mr. Obama is prancing out another stimulus package under the cloak of it creating jobs in our country for our people. Odd isn’t it, the things these politicians try just before an election season fires up? Mr. Obama, and the Congress should have taken the other stimulus package a couple of years ago and put Americans to work then. I am a long haul truck driver by trade, a person sees and hears many things as we go around the country from the people and the local radio stations. Our nation’s roads and bridges are in lousy condition all over the country. Most all of our big cities are completely falling apart, above ground and below them. If the stimulus money from the past had been used to rebuild our country from the inside, which would have put many people to work all over our country. As you go around the country you see things like all these oil wells that are capped, even in the oil fields of West Texas. We have found lots of oil in Wyoming and the Dakotas, but as soon as they are drilled, there capped. You see, this country doesn’t have enough refineries to produce the products and we don’t have anywhere near enough storage facilities to store all the oil we already have here in our own country. These days we hear a lot about clean coal technologies and that we are the Saudi Arabia of Natural gas. Why are we selling oil abroad? People, why are we giving billions to people who use that money to finance means to kill all of us?

    Here is the simple economics behind this writing, if the money had been given out through work programs, the people of America would have been working several years ago, on good full-time jobs for good pay. Then the people would not have been losing their homes. People would have been able to have purchasing power which would have stimulated our economy putting even more people back to work. If this had happened, the Banks would have had earned a lot of money from the bottom up and the governments at all levels would have been reaping the benefits of increased tax revenue which would have keep our civil servants employed. What our country needs are politicians who are able to realize that there is nothing wrong if the bottom 99% have 95% of the money going through their hands. Then the top 1% of the population would still be getting about 5%, this would still make that small and very important group of people very, very wealthy. They are very important because they are the risk takers who have the ability to create many of our nation’s jobs, these people must be well compensated, five for one is very nice compensation.  Friends, this is what I call, Trickle Up Economics.


                                                                                  Thank you for your time,

                                                                                  Ted R Savage


(Poem) Endless Time

Time as it is said, is on our side

But, when every side claims it to be their own

Yet the one who said such a thing is dead

For who’s “our” side does time claim

When one day is like unto a thousand years

Is then a thousand years as one of our days

Do we not that the planets that surround us

Possess their own concept of time on a clock

Is our own personal life’s hour-glass known

Partly full, or partly empty, do we even know

Is there any relevance in a grain of sand

Is not a lifetime but one twinkle among many

Time, do we hold it deer or have no care

Or, do we flitter it away like a heart beat

We assume we have yet to hear

Time, time to smile, time to laugh

Time to cry for mercy one last time

Time, does it waits for any of us

We assume we have time to love

Yet why do we make the time to hate

Why do we waste our time for lies

Do we not know that the next second…

May not be ours to breathe!