Ms. Oprah the Swiss and Racism

This may have been about her skin color, maybe not. But to consider their people (Swiss) to be racist because of how one person treated her, in her opinion, I think that would also be a racist view on her part. As several normal income people in America have learned, you can be treated very poorly in stores on Chicago’s Miracle Mile and skin color had nothing to do with it. It is a sad reality but it appears that a lot of American black folks seem to think that absolutely everything is about color of skin. I pray they are not correct, I hope they are not, and I do not believe they are correct. Most everyone I know could not give a darn what your skin color is and I know when I come across racist folks it is they that I shun, not because of their skin color, but because of their dark souls. I am a white person who has always had friends of many races and nationalities yet I have at the same time come across racist folks of all colors. There is a far bigger wide spread problem in our country with class differences than there is with people having problems with a skin color, but , the American media sure loves to fan the flames of the few to try to cause a bonfire.