Life In The Country

Life in the County

Life in the country

Peaceful to the mind

Stressful days at work

In the cities, no true peace can you find

Concrete and exhaust

Beneath your feet and in your lungs

Hell given from your boss

Nothing spoken in caring or love

Work your behind off for a dollar

Cruel world of push and shove

Take every dime you can ever earn

Never give you any respect or love

Mr. Washington, knees deep in your pockets

Both hands glued inside your wallet

Always taking and taking pushing and shoving

Never giving you the respect that you deserve

Brother and sister, come home to the country

Sink your toes into the grass and the dirt

Put your feet up on your front porch

The work a day world let it fade away

Sit out in your front yard bare feet on grass

With a cold glass of lemonade or tea

Enjoy the livestock as they’re bellowing

Watch the rabbits and squirrels as they play

Life out in the country away from the concrete sea

Where every ulcerated mind should live, play and stay

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