Belvidere, the name sounds so peaceful.

Is it not a place for your children to grow?

Swinging bridge and waterfall

Two scenic parks in which to spend your time.

My youth from ten years,

This is the hometown in which I was grown.

No coal fields, nor mines.

Mostly factories are the place people marked their time.

From the Blue Ridge to the Black Hills.

Beautiful places we pitched our tents.

Chrysler Corporation, in Belvidere,

Built an assembly plant.

Chasing a good job,

Belvidere is where our family went.

Belvidere turned out to be a good place to live,

Except their winters too much cold and snow.

The people good honest hard working folks

But their winters I don’t miss.

Mom, dad, and brother Larry

They do rest there now.

Sister Jackie who is of the cloth

With husband Wayne there they do remain.

Belvidere, you’re always in my prayers

Your beauty and your friendliness

Like fresh spring roses, Belvidere, a great place to rest your cares.

Belvidere, still such a pretty word to me

Will always be a special smile upon

My heart and memories.

I pray that all the people of the earth

Could have such fond recall

Of the places they were grown.

After life’s last breath is gone

It is there I wish they plant my bones

In loving memory of the place that I was grown

Such wonderful people upon God’s earth

Belvidere, the place that I called home.

Poem: Breathless


Breathless as the womb expands

Breathless till child’s bottom receives it’s very first hand

The cry all parents long for, music to all  Grand-Parents hearts

The only time we ever wish to hear our child cry

The child grows from crawling then walking

The parents hold their breath

Watching and wondering

What choices will our little angel make

Breathless anticipation, the good we hope for

The bad we pray they will learn from

And never again let it darken their door

As age takes hold of our bodies

We look back upon the life that we lived

Traveling our nation’s highways

In the motor home that our child did give

The vistas of God’s beauty

Breathless beauty, where man’s footprint seldom tread

Nearly breathless as we are but a step or two

From the calling of the earth, the destiny we all must face

Breathlessly we look back one last time

At the beauty of our children

Now death has only a minute sting as we lay breathlessly in God’s earth

Knowing at His trumpet we will fully see

Breathlessly, hoping our loved ones faces once again to see

Breathlessly now hoping for a smile, not anger, upon our Creators face.

Big Kitty

Big Kitty

What is the great will of the tiger

What drives its will to win

Is it the growl of its own belly

Or the growls that may lay beyond the next bend

Poor man for whose blood he lies in wait

Do not anger the big kitty

For next, it may be your blood

The big kitty decides they will take

Big Bad Me

Big Bad Me

In my home, I am quiet

I see you, I smell you

Unless I want you

You will never know it.

My fur is soft

My stripes do blend

My steps are stealth

My breath brings chills to any man.

Nine feet long, four feet tall

Five hundred pounds

In trees, on grass, or leaves

Unless I want you too, you will never see me.

When you’re in my home

You’re on my land

Your fear in my nostrils

Your blood in the sand

My fangs in your throat,

You silly man.

Don’t You Know I’m A God

Don’t You Know I’m A God

In Bagdad town where everyone was my clown

Me on their strings a pulling

Twas with myself in love I fell

Tis to my name Sadam they are a bowing.

I’ve been God here for twenty odd years

Though two Bush’s tried to scare me

Nine palaces are where I call my home

They can kiss my behind for trying.

When I look to the east, and I look to the west

I can see no eagle a coming

My Republican Guard is the best there could be

The God of Iraq they are a guarding.

Georgie o Georgie come take your best swing

Then on your face you’ll be a falling

Georgie you know that all my people love me

You come here, you’ll be a dying.

What’s this, those birds that we could not see

With all those bombs a falling

Don’t you know that I am the God of Iraq, now into a wormhole I am a crawling.

It was here that I hid for a couple of months

My beard growing gray and balding

Georgie o Georgie it’s your name I am cursing

From a God to a man on trial I’ve fallen.

Life In The Country

Life in the County

Life in the country

Peaceful to the mind

Stressful days at work

In the cities, no true peace can you find.

Concrete and exhaust

Beneath your feet and in your lungs

Hell given from your boss

Nothing spoken in love.

Work your behind off for a dollar

Cruel world of push and shove

Take every dime you earn

Never give you any love.

Mr. Washington, shoe laces deep in your pockets

Both hands glued inside your wallet

Always taking and taking

Never giving you the respect that you deserve.

Brother and sister, come home to the country

Sink your toes into the grass and the dirt

Put your feet up on your front porch

The work a day world will now seem so far away.

Sit out in your front yard

With a glass of lemonade

Enjoy the livestock as they’re bellowing

Watch the rabbits and squirrels as they play

Life out in the country

Where every ulcerated soul should live, play and stay.

Life Through A Windsheild

Life through a Windshield

In 81’ the story began, first with my brother and then with a friend

Seeing life through a windshield like a gypsy on eighteen wheels

But when you do this for a living it’s life you omit.

White line fever they call it in song

White lines on the concrete is to what you belong

The back rows of the truck stops and the cab of a truck is your home.

From Beantown to Shaky to big D then Windy you roam

Dispatch can get you a load to anywhere except the state you belong.

Driving your shiny KW is not just a job now you see

Through the windshield is your life on this unending concrete sea.Boston

Aspirin, Doans Pills and Preparation H

Always part of your luggage because that hot load can’t wait.

Truck driving is a hobby for the homeless no roots do you need

Life through the windshield is now the life you can’t leave.

Look my Way

Look My Way

Look my way the next time you walk by

But not down your nose with your head in the sky

Look upon me with love

Then my heart you will win as your prize.

Your shadow walks across my pillow

As I lay sleeping deep in the nights

Hoping you will but look my way

With caring still in your eyes.

When I wake in the morning

I smile at your footprints

In the tears that I’ve cried

Knowing you have looked my way

With love in your eyes.

When one’s winter sun is setting

Breath shallow as I lay dying

What will matter most is the knowing

That you and our Lord

Walking footstep for footstep

With hand’s out stretched

As your looking my way

Yes, I see the love in your eyes.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day

Today’s the day that we are told

To honor our moms from times of old.

The love of ones’ mom is purer than the finest gold.

The love of a mom for child, the smile unbridled,

The shine in their eyes, the touch of their hand,

A kiss on your cheek,

A love and honor that never will bend.

Mother, every child’s first best friend.

From our first day of school

Thru college we graduate

Momma holding our hand or when needed

Kicking us in the seat of our pants.

As time rolls on the day will soon be

Her hug you can’t get nor the touch of her hand

You will find your heart breaking

When her name in stone is written.

Playing The Card We’re Cast As In LIfe

How does one play this little game called life

Can we compete with the cards we have been dealt

Or do we barter or mark them to increase our wealth

Hoping for better, serfdom, such a hard hand to play

Has life dealt us a hand full of aces, a life so gay

Or maybe life dealt us kings with a mansion on a hill

Maybe we are blessed with queen’s smiling as the kill

Or maybe a lady with a dagger so don’t ask, don’t tell

Young man, do you wear purple, a crown of the jack

Sowing your oats where you please in your life of glee

A princess has no card, life dictated by the crown of a king

For is it because even a princess is to be not heard only seen

Even a princess is nothing until a queen’s crown she does fulfill

Or, we cast as lower than the dirt, are we just a numbered card

Are we and our lives nothing, discarded without a second thought

Raised to serve the aristocracy, bended backs crawling on our knees

This world’s self proclaimed royalty, their noses high in the breeze

Walking upon the heads and backs of those cast nothing but little cards

After aren’t the elite is entitled never to give a damn about the working class