The Wall

The Wall

Why do we build, to keep out

Was not Berlin’s built to keep in

The Great Wall of China can be seen from space

Decide what is real live a sanctified life

Your reflection in the world’s looking glass

Does it show but one face

Division from the south, but not from the north

Do you not see your two faces shining

What do you think your wall will facilitate

The poor of the south are humans just like you

Hungry, tired, and scared, they come to your gates

Looking for a safe place to build, and work and pray

We build a higher wall, we tell them they have to wait

From terrorist and drugs, you say your wall will defend

You wall out your brother, your neighbor, your friends

How is it you can be so cold

Do you not know, nor see, nor care

That by your actions you do offend

Do you not think that a terrorist or a drug King Pin

Can enter your haven from the cold frozen north

Do not speak to me of family values

As children and mothers die of hunger

At the foot of this wall you create