The War Will Never Ever End



Today the headlines from Israel and Gaza, war, more deaths and destruction. In 1948 the Jewish people took back about 1% of the Holy Land and renamed it Israel, as it was, is, and will always be. The people that later became known as the Palestinians were displaced into the other 99% of the middle-east. None of their Islamic brothers wanted them and they became know as a people without a Nation, displaced. The Arab people who did take them in like the people of Jordan soon threw them out because of the ways in which they acted toward their hosts. Even though their brothers who possess 99% of all the land, no one wants them in their countries. Instead, these “brothers” used them as a pawn for over sixty years, not supporting them, just using them.

Then the Israeli PM did that which he had no authority to do, he gave up some of the Israeli land in an effort to obtain peace with the Palestinian people and their Islamic neighbors. The PM gave them what is now called the West Bank and Gaza, hoping for peace. As I wrote then, Israel only accomplished giving these hate filled people closer bases into which to use to attack Israel and their people from.

God gave to the Israeli PM his just reward for giving away land that is no mans property to give away. He was told not to do it, he did it anyway. He quickly stroked, suffered, never repented and died. This is called the Holy Lands for a reason, this land above all of earths land is called Holy because it is where Christ will rule from the NEW Jerusalem after Satan and his angels are put into hell for ever.

Toward the end of times the ten demons who possess the ten human rulers here on earth will be sub-planted by the three demon generals who sit at Satan’s left hand. These three “super leaders” will come from the three divisions of human powers. 1) the Americas, 2) Europe/Russia, 3) Asia. You see yet, the sign of God is 3, the sign of man is 6. The three men who would be gods, three of the last four “super” anti-Christs. Have you figured out yet who “The” anti-Christ is, The Root who sub-plants them from beneath is? Should be obvious, their boss, Satan himself, The Anti-Christ. He who would be God but who will instead only rule Hell once the trumpet of God sounds. He comes from beneath for two symbolic reasons. One is because where he now is “god” is geographically beneath the current world super powers where his base is. His throne is now upon the Temple Mount above the Wailing Wall as he demands “Submission” from all.

When Gods’ trumpet sounds, the world will then see and understand that they have been duped by their leaders and that these “super” leaders have been Satan’s henchmen. Friends, it will be to late for those who bowed to the will of Satan to repent. The demons will be cast straightway into Hell because they have already been judged. Satan will be cast into his new Kingdom after the last humans have had their turn before the  judgement seat of Christ. Unfortunately, billions of duped humans will spend forever there in the fire with him. This religion IS NOT a “great and peaceful religion” no matter what the buffoons say on TV. IT IS the most powerful attack on the people of earth that has ever been established.——-“THE WAR WILL NEVER END—UNTIL GODS’ TRUMPET SOUNDS”…..People wake up, or you are going to die twice, 1) the physical death, 2) Eternal separation from the presence and grace of God in Hell with Satan and his followers…… People, Please wake up!!!

Cat named Puppy

Cat Named Puppy

This is the story of our family’s furry friend

A little fur ball from the pound we did get

A little tabby as sweet as can be

Yet a little deranged as in this story you shall see.

We had no intention of getting this plain little girl

But with her unending rubbing and purring

We brought her into our world.

Her name was Starlight but this she did not know

Till one day my wife’s dad brought over his little doggy named Bandit

Who set the kitty’s heart all aglow

It is good that they were both surgically fixed

The cartoon called Cat Dog now did not seem so far fetched.

When Bandit went back to his home in KY

Starlight was heart broken and somewhere she did hide

While sitting on the couch my wife thought of a plan

She panted like Bandit and to her the cat ran.

This is not all of her strangeness you see

Wherever my wife goes the cat follows her feet

The name is no longer Starlight for that she still does not know

But say the name Puppy and in your lap she will be.

Poem: Last Prayer

Last prayer

O when were you said for me
Last prayer, not of just our own
But when will be the last prayer
That any of our loved ones
Utter up to God
For the likes of you and me

Our loved ones, who have gone on
To the quiet stillness
Waiting, the trumpets song to hear
What were the last prayers
That our loved ones prayed
That, only God Himself knows

Given to thee, being given to love
Given the chance to pray
Do we do it, even once a day
When was the last time
We could, we should
O when will that last time be

How I hope that tonight
I bow my head for prayer
If I knew Lord

That it would be my last prayer
What would I deem important enough
Upon this somber occasion to say