– This is information that I have garnered from the past few days on my Google News home page, the Huffington Post (The World Post), the BBC, the Washington Post and from my own beliefs about what is happening in Syria as we speak. I am going to give you snippets from […]

Presidents’ Obama And Putin, Who Is Playing Whom For The ...

Do You Understand The Creation Of Two different Sets Of Humans In Genesis Chapters One AND Two   I believe that most folks who have grown up in the western world are at least a little bit familiar with the Bible stories of Adam and Eve and the creation of […]

The Two Human Creations Of Genesis Chapters One AND Two

  Far Right Conservatives Are Destroying The Republican Party And America   These folks are not alone in the harm they are doing to our country, they have help, and they are called far left liberal Democrats. Both of these sides of each party are the tails that are wagging […]

Far Right Republicans Are Destroying The Republican Party And America

  One Little Ole Fib   Saturday night I been rolling them bones Lost both the cars and next month’s rent Got to find a good fib for the Cops and Wife Her working 12 hour shifts with 5 kids at home My unemployment running low but I got a […]

One Little Ole Fib

  Prophecy That Is In A Parable Of The Vineyard   Do you understand the parable of the vineyard of the “Householder” that is found in Matthew the first book of the New Testament in chapter 21 verses 33 through the end of that chapter after verse 46? If you […]

Prophecy That Is In A Parable Of The Vineyard

7 Thoughts/Parables   Is there such thing as a peaceful rest Is there ever such thing as a restful peace   Can someone have love without passion or name Can you have true passion with someone you hate   Is love really a true passion of the young at mind […]

Poem Of: 7 Thoughts/Parables

2015-09-22   Just a few moments ago I was reading some of an article on my Google News page about the Pope going to the White House today. I am not a Catholic person but I am a Christian. I am what most folks would call a Protestant yet I […]

Another Classless Act By Our President (Mr. Obama)

    Humanity, Christianity and Islam     This letter to you today is my attempt to get folks to deeply consider the humanity crisis going on throughout Europe, but for now I am referring to the European countries that border the Mediterranean mostly. There is also the request by […]

Humanity, Christianity And Islam

You Are Not A Human Being     What are you worth as a human being? I do not mean how much money you are worth at the bank. I do mean, are you a human being, is your very hide, your life, worth anything? Easy to say how dare […]

You Are Not A Human Being

Hello. My name is BetaLeaf. I am the new Admin on TruthTroubles.com. OldPoet56 has asked me to maintain the website. I will take over all the technical work on this website. If there is anything I can help you with, such as a plugin not working or plugin suggestion, log […]

Introducing BetaLeaf

  What (If) Jesus Is Really Real     I know that there are a lot of people around the world that do not believe in Jesus as the Christ, God incarnate. Christians have a lot of the blame for this because so few Christians really have a clue about […]

What (If) Jesus Is Really Real?

Is Black American ‘Culture’ Black Peoples Biggest Problem With Police?     I know that throughout the history of the human race that there have been issues with race that has spawned violence and hatred one toward another. Here in America some people tend to even hate people because of […]

Is Black American ‘Culture’ Black Peoples Biggest Problem With Police?