Truth, when it matches with what we want, think, or believe already, we love it. But, when it doesn’t, we either hate it or ignore it, or both. We all grow up believing things we are told, to be correct, mostly. If we are told by our parents, teachers or Pastors that this or that is the truth most kids, if they have respect for these people tend to believe them. But you know, sometimes these people are simply incorrect. I remember my Mom saying on a couple of things that “the Bible says”. I know that my Mom would never have told me these things if she didn’t believe that they were so. But, she was wrong on a few things. I think that her Mom had told her when she was a young kid that “the Bible says”. I believe that some of the things that are passed down from generation to generation are simply incorrect. Not that anyone intended to mislead, they were simply wrong.

When I was a young adult I decided that I didn’t want to die and face my judgement before I had read through His word at least once. So, I did a somewhat quick read through the Bible just so I could say I had done it once. But, after I had finished reading through it I realized that these things my Mom had told me “the Bible says”, I didn’t remember seeing anywhere. So, I started rereading the scriptures more slowly and with pen and pad so that I could make notes. After completing time two, I realized that these things Mom had told me weren’t correct, they just weren’t there. I know that Mom wasn’t lying to me, she was just wrong. We can grow old and comfortable with the stories of our youth’s no matter who they were told by, or we can use our own brains to think a little. Parents, teachers, priests, they all have stories they had been told in there youth’s, is it possible that on some items they were told wrong?

In this blog, I want to try and get people to think, to question some of their long held truths. Now, some of the things that most of us have been told have never made any sense to us. Of all of my studies of  all the main religions, I have come to the though that the 7th Day Adventist beliefs are the closest to what I think is correct (I grew up in the Church of Christ). The thing that I have  in disagreement with them the most is in there beliefs that the whole world was made by God in six days and that He rested on the seventh day. I’m sorry folks but this is stupidity, scriptural stupidity. This teaching by most all of the Christian/Jewish faiths is what has caused millions of people to quickly turn away from God’s teachings because most anyone knows it’s ignorance to believe that in six day God created everything. People right away say “what about the prehistoric creatures”? Churches tend to tell the public that science is lying that no such things ever existed, or they tell people things like, well, they lived and died on day one. Whew, no wonder so many people turn there back on the Bible so quickly. There are several places in scripture where we are told things like “My days are not your days”, and how a human life is like the twinkling (blink) of the eye to Gods time. Even in the New Testament the Apostle Peter told the people that one of Gods days are like unto a thousand of our years. In other words, our days and Gods days don’t match up. Think about it, even in our own orbits of the sun, the planets that are in this orbit with us have different amounts of time that make up their days.

You might ask a question like, well if there were prehistoric times then why didn’t the writer’s of the Bible just come out and explain these things? Think about it, we humans only started to understand about prehistoric times about 150 years ago when the first big bones were being found. We of our time think we are so smart yet we still have trouble understanding these basic realities, do we really think that if Moses had written of these times millions of years ago that he would have ever been understood at all? He mostly likely would have been laughed to scorn or he would have been stoned. I don’t know the exact day per number of years ratio between our time and Gods time, maybe one of His days equals 10 mil of ours? The next subject matter we might want to consider is the actual age of this planet and the reasons why there are all these other planets, if they are all empty then why did God bother with creating them? Food for thought.

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  1. Re. The Bible is Inspired by God but do we read as we ought? Literal interpretation has made nonsense of the text. The Bible is from God to man. So reason tells me that we need read in the manner it is to be from the pov of God. Holy Spirit is the inspirer and my thesis is that the Spirit reveals two narrative streams from that of the Father and from the Son. These two are rearranged by the Spirit with appropriate symbols, signs, allegories. As such without getting Time element right it shall remain a closed book. A day is a kangaroo word in which several events must take place. Day of the Lord for example. If interested I can explain.


    1. Steve, I believe that it can be found at , I am not very savvy with computers and that is being kind about my lack of knowledge. Please try that to see if you can find it. Thank you for your efforts and your time, I appreciate you.


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      1. I found the way in to your posts. There is a “Menu” selection which readers can click on and choose what they want to read. I missed it the other day!

        Have a good one, Ted…



  2. Thanks for liking my latest post; I had received the notice which included this:
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    However, that link goes here, and I have been unsuccessful in viewing the reblog. The navigation seems to escape me.


  3. I don’t think we can have a relationship with God until we check the Bible and see what the truths are. In our humanistic world people think they can choose what is “truth”. But then truth isn’t truth because everyone’s truth would be wrong. The Bible is our foundation that doesn’t move. So thank you for your blog. I look forward to seeing more that you have to say.


  4. Hi, Fab blog! I am still in the very early stages – 4 months old. Just making efforts to link in with fellow bloggers to improve our followers and get the word out there for us both. I would appreciate you having a peek at my blog, as I have published several posts. Feel free to like, comment, follow or just take a peek. Thank you🙂


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  6. I agree with you Oldpoet. There is much evil and untruth in this world that spread like the plague. The government rule the roost …. to the benefit of us ordinary dead, I can feel sometimes. An example in the middle of all the misery … what do you think about chemtrails.


    1. I am no scientist by any stretch of my imagination. I know that most all ‘science’ says there is no such thing and that this is only conspiracy theory people discussing this theory. The American government has proven many times that they are evil and that they have no problem lying to everyone, so I would not be shocked if we are all just lab rats for ‘tests’. Is there such a thing as ‘chemtrails’? Heck, I don’t know.

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  7. Interesting post. I think there is great value in exploring faith and determining what is true for oneself as well as honoring the truths of others. Whatever makes us more thoughtful, kind, compassionate, and loving is worthy of contemplation in my book.🙂


  8. So close to my belief, and my God is not in every other page going to destroy us.
    My God which is a series, of not religous, but phylosophies and practiced meditation and prayer.

    I was raised in Cuba by a very Catholic Family at least on Sunday. All the while age 5 we would go to service and in a series of Latin, Latin, Latin knee down, another stand up, another sing.

    I got nothing, and the horror of going into a dark box to tell another human your indescretions, even as young as I felt no need for a translater, to tell me to say 100 madre Maria and absolved.

    Well that may work for others, and I celebrate their beliefs, and respect. When you start hating and judging others the #GodPolice that is wrong.

    I am with John Lennons song (Imagine)

    Thank you


      1. It is my pleasure always


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