Beautiful Belarus — PalmTreeMusings

I have to admit, we arrived in Minsk a little travel fatigued. It was our 26th country on this trip, and we’ve been traveling for over a year. But as Chris and I spent more time in Minsk, the city really began to grow on us and we kept discovering more fun areas to explore. […]

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St. Nicholas Church, in Brest, Belarus — Diana Cameron

St. Nicholas Church, in Brest, Belarus

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Abundant — Paula Graham

Wildlife East Poland Belarus Borderlands:

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Youngest prisoner swapped: Belarus unsafe for Ukrainians (interview) — Ukraine Today .org

Pavlo Hryb is the youngest man of the Ukrainians who returned home in the result of September’s prisoner swap. In an interview with Belsat, 21-year-old citizen of Ukraine reveals the details of Russian officers’ capturing him in Belarus. Hryb also explains why he considers Belarus a ‘governorate-general of Moscovia’. Павел Гриб дал интервью «Белсату» «Нам […]

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Ukraine For Dummies — In Saner Thought

Ukraine this and Ukraine that…..but what do most Americans really know about the country and the region? First a general description…… Ukraine was the center of the first eastern Slavic state, Kyivan Rus, which during the 10th and 11th centuries was the largest and most powerful state in Europe. Weakened by internecine quarrels and Mongol […]

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Cherson, Crimea; “at the extremity of the Roman Empire” — Novo Scriptorium

Cherson had been a Byzantine port-city at the southwestern end of the Crimea that provided an important link to northern barbarian peoples, especially in terms of trade (e.g., furs, slaves, wax, honey, salted fish) and diplomacy.

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Nikolay Turoverov’s “Crimea” — Boris Dralyuk

Each of the four Tolstoy stories I’ve included in Lives and Deaths features vivid, affecting scenes of humans and animals losing their grip on life, but none of these scenes haunts me more than the death of the titular horse in the story I’ve called “Pace-setter” (“Kholstomer”). A few days ago, my colleague Maria Polinsky […]

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Horse Lord — Na’ama Yehuda

Photo: Mongolia; Anudariya Munkhbayar on Unsplash The floods had culled the herd. The fires cleansed the land of dead, returned the grasses to the dirt, where bones lay, staring at the sky, unbleached. They will not be interred. A falcon soared above their heads. It dove and disappeared, its freedom deferred, its sight hidden […]

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Mongolia — The Knowledge Network

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia with a population of 1 million as of 2008.

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A Mongolia-to-China Border Crossing Exam — Five Backpacks Family

A little bit raw. That’s how I feel early in the morning after sleeping on the top bunk of a railway car. After two weeks living a simple life in the Mongolian wilderness, using pit toilets sleeping on wooden platforms and cooking over manure-fed ovens, our expectations for Mongolian train accommodations were not high. Surprise! […]

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