Truth, when it matches with what we want, think, or believe already, we love it. But, when it doesn’t, we either hate it or ignore it, or both. We all grow up believing things we are told, to be correct, mostly. If we are told by our parents, teachers or Pastors that this or that is the truth most kids, if they have respect for these people tend to believe them. But you know, sometimes these people are simply incorrect. I remember my Mom saying on a couple of things that “the Bible says”. I know that my Mom would never have told me these things if she didn’t believe that they were so. But, she was wrong on a few things. I think that her Mom had told her when she was a young kid that “the Bible says”. I believe that some of the things that are passed down from generation to generation are simply incorrect. Not that anyone intended to mislead, they were simply wrong.

When I was a young adult I decided that I didn’t want to die and face my judgement before I had read through His word at least once. So, I did a somewhat quick read through the Bible just so I could say I had done it once. But, after I had finished reading through it I realized that these things my Mom had told me “the Bible says”, I didn’t remember seeing anywhere. So, I started rereading the scriptures more slowly and with pen and pad so that I could make notes. After completing time two, I realized that these things Mom had told me weren’t correct, they just weren’t there. I know that Mom wasn’t lying to me, she was just wrong. We can grow old and comfortable with the stories of our youth’s no matter who they were told by, or we can use our own brains to think a little. Parents, teachers, priests, they all have stories they had been told in there youth’s, is it possible that on some items they were told wrong?

In this blog, I want to try and get people to think, to question some of their long held truths. Now, some of the things that most of us have been told have never made any sense to us. Of all of my studies of  all the main religions, I have come to the though that the 7th Day Adventist beliefs are the closest to what I think is correct (I grew up in the Church of Christ). The thing that I have  in disagreement with them the most is in there beliefs that the whole world was made by God in six days and that He rested on the seventh day. I’m sorry folks but this is stupidity, scriptural stupidity. This teaching by most all of the Christian/Jewish faiths is what has caused millions of people to quickly turn away from God’s teachings because most anyone knows it’s ignorance to believe that in six day God created everything. People right away say “what about the prehistoric creatures”? Churches tend to tell the public that science is lying that no such things ever existed, or they tell people things like, well, they lived and died on day one. Whew, no wonder so many people turn there back on the Bible so quickly. There are several places in scripture where we are told things like “My days are not your days”, and how a human life is like the twinkling (blink) of the eye to Gods time. Even in the New Testament the Apostle Peter told the people that one of Gods days are like unto a thousand of our years. In other words, our days and Gods days don’t match up. Think about it, even in our own orbits of the sun, the planets that are in this orbit with us have different amounts of time that make up their days.

You might ask a question like, well if there were prehistoric times then why didn’t the writer’s of the Bible just come out and explain these things? Think about it, we humans only started to understand about prehistoric times about 150 years ago when the first big bones were being found. We of our time think we are so smart yet we still have trouble understanding these basic realities, do we really think that if Moses had written of these times millions of years ago that he would have ever been understood at all? He mostly likely would have been laughed to scorn or he would have been stoned. I don’t know the exact day per number of years ratio between our time and Gods time, maybe one of His days equals 10 mil of ours? The next subject matter we might want to consider is the actual age of this planet and the reasons why there are all these other planets, if they are all empty then why did God bother with creating them? Food for thought.

I would just like to let folks know that this blog, is owned, written, and operated by oldpoet56. All articles, posts and materials found here, except for those that I have pressed here from someone elses blog for the purpose of showing off their work, are under copyright and this website must be credited if my articles are re-blogged or shared.—Thank You, oldpoet56, T.R.S.

88 thoughts on “Truth

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read one of my post, I am honored. Thank you for taking the time and effort to drop me a line about your thoughts.


  1. I want to to thank you for this good read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of
    it. I’ve got you book-marked to check out new things you post…

  2. Thank you Ted. Like most non-believers I was raised in a home of those who believed, and came to my position after serious study of the foundational texts of my faith.

    Not many adult agnostics and atheists came to their position casually, because it is not an easy situation with friends and family.

    In fact, in the Pew Research Center study on the topic of knowledge of religion, atheists and agnostics outperformed those from every religion. Now, that’s not evidence that lack of belief is right, but it is evidence that those who don’t believe in a god, are not ignorant on the topic of religion.

    I wish you the best.

  3. You recognize the absurdity of a six-day creation when compared to what we know to be from a scientific perspective, but then adopt a band-aid approach to solve the problem in the bible.

    I see the problem not as one of finding a way to make it fit, but to realize it was the product of men living in a time ignorant of the world and universe in which they lived, and not in any way inspired by a being that always existed, but who let the faulty inspiration be taught as truth.

    That, is the elegant solution to the numerous inaccuracies and outright conflicts that are found in the bible. It’s a myth, and like all other myths before and after it, it is not a factual account. It is a complete fabrication.

    1. Hi Rick, we obviously disagree on some things but not all things. I believe that science and Scriptures aren’t that far off from each other. I find that the biggest problem is that people do not incorporate the love of reading Scripture a few minutes each day into their personal lives. What I am saying is that the people who call themselves Christians who blindly follow a Churches doctrine instead of studying each day to see if these things are Scriptural truth don’t really have a clue what the Scriptures really say. That is a problem with some other non-Christian Faiths, so many people including their Preachers can’t read at all even if they wanted to. I believe Bible truths to be the truth and you don’t, this we both realize. Though this is so I am not a person who tries to be unfair so even though we disagree to disagree I do feel it is only correct to post your opinions also. Hope you have a good day Rick, from my view point Sir I just hope that you come around to the Love of the Scriptures and of Jesus that I am blessed to feel before your time here completed. I wish you well Rick and thanks again for your opinions and for stopping in.


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