Mother or father,who deserves greatness than the other?

The sad news hit Jackson like a hammer,the pain of loosing her wife was more than he could bare.Christina had passed on due to exccesive bleeding while giving birth.She did not live long enough to even see her beutiful baby girl.

Having no other option,he took the baby home,and with the help of his family he would raise the child.But deep in his mind,he knew no one would ever step in the place left by Christina,no one would love him or their daughter as she would.

A few months later Jackson would pose a question to my friends and I,that turned out to be a debate “who is more great in a family,mother or father?”

And I decided to go an extra mile and find out what alot more people thought about this.Different people had different opinions.One said it is a united effort for both parents to raise a family,and…

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The Greatest Sorrows


The greatest sorrows

always peek into the greatest truths.

A wisp, a sliver, a keyhole glimpse.

Like June air thick with rain spraying,

tempting with the promise of drenching.

Lambent as sunlight filtering

through the clouds’ foreboding,

ever conscious of its ability to blind.

Intoxicating, as mornings heavy

with the fervour of a dream lived,

yet grasping to remember,

the few rare fragments that linger.

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Leading From Behind Is A Deadly Policy

Leading From Behind Is A Deadly Policy


Here in America these last few years we have grown rather accustomed to the term “Leading From Behind”, according to our President. My wife and I have discussed the logic, reasoning, and intelligence of such an approach several times throughout Mr Obama’s years in office. My wife and I both wish that the world was not filled with so many dangers, we also wish that America did not have to play the part of Global Cop, but unfortunately, we do. Even on that conclusion my wife and I disagree. My wife is not overly entrenched in politics at any level, this includes paying much attention to events and how they string together. My Bride wants the U.S. to invert, to pull away from all other countries with our military and our money and to put those efforts into helping the American people first. I wish that these things could be so, but it is way too late for just kindness and words to make such an action possible as to introvert away from the whole world and to just pretend the rest of the world isn’t really there.



Truth is, there are people in the Military, Security Divisions, and Politics throughout the world who wish that they could be bigger and badder than all their neighbors and that they themselves should lead. Simple what I am getting at, if a country’s leadership decides to do something like a radical expansion of their existing territories and they know in advance that there is no country that will or can stop him from expanding, there will be even more bloodshed. It is a reality that I do not like either but what we are all faced with from now throughout our very last breath and that is Spiritual Warfare. Warfare of the physical things that we see with our eyes possess physical harm that we can see, warfare for your Spiritual Soul has many snares that the eye does not comprehend.



When you have a country like Russia whose President decides to expand their territory over soil belonging to another country and He know’s in advance that no one will physically stop them, they expand. When a country becomes the expected defender of Freedom and fairness throughout the world they can not back out of the position if there is no one/country to take your place. There are bad people in our world who have ever-increasing positions of power, if no one stands up to protect the smaller and the weaker nations these independent nations will soon not exist. Before you realize it there is another big powerful nation who decides to annex a whole Sea or Gulf as their own disregarding international laws.



This current Administration in D.C. has constantly shown weakness throughout the world by failing to lead or engage on the World Stage. When our President showed our timidness in Libya, Egypt, and especially in Syria and with Iran  even to the point of infuriating our two biggest allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia. For many years now some of our so-called upper crust have degraded Russia and China as they supposedly downgraded from Superpower status. What I have to say to this ignorance is simple, when a nation has thousands of Nukes with the required launching systems, they are a Superpower! We have (not I) humiliated two great Nations and their People by stepping on their national pride. Then when these  nations aggressive leadership see that we will not step into protect another nation or treaty, we have shown these aggressive leaders as well as our “friends” that we will only give words of encouragement and nothing else. This Administration has caused the Evil in this world to smile and our friends to tremble.

Our Dreams

Our Dreams


Are you still able to dream? I don’t mean the type that owns our sleep, I am asking you if you still have any personal dreams? We all have to face the sands of time, it is also true that we are at different stages on our personal tell of the tape. I am over 60 now and have had poor health for many years. If the Doctors had been correct I probably would have been dead around 2003-04. It was difficult for me to finally have to admit it to myself a couple of days ago, that I guess my chances of making the Cubs roster this year are pretty slim, then again, we are talking about the Cubs.


This question I have for you, no matter where you are at on your own personal ruler of time, have you become a person without dreams? Reality, sometimes fails to live up to any of our dreams. But as we get older and have not obtained certain goals that we have had since we were small kids, sometimes reality can burn a person out, from the inside. I think that we humans are for the most part adapt, we have to, we adapt to our failures and even to our successes. Just because I can’t get the Cubs to sign me to a long-term deal doesn’t mean that I couldn’t dream of becoming something else, like a Country or Blues or Blue Grass singer. As it turns out just as the Cubs would not sign me for the mere fact that I have no talent (I didn’t think it mattered with them), the Country, Soul, and Blue Grass  music bosses say that talent is required, how dare they.


In your opinion is this thought true or not, that a person without dreams is dead? If you think about it this last sentence said two truths with the same words. I ended up spending my adult life in my number four dream of living behind the wheel of eighteen wheels pulling forty thousand pounds behind. Number three for me would have been to be a Minister for Jesus along the lines of Doctor Billy Graham, but my troubles with languages and my lack of public speaking ability dashed that also. To me, I find two things disturbing about my list, I would have hoped that being a quality Minister would have been number one on this list. But the most disturbing though crossed my mind as I was typing this post and I will end with a personal though to you tonight. That first job that I should have said was my number one dream job that I totally screwed up, being a Daddy to my two blood children.


Выставки февраля


Хоть февраль и самый короткий месяц, но 28 дней на пять выставок точно хватит! Ниже – обзор самых интересный событий месяца.

Первозданная Россия

Это не просто выставка, а целый фестиваль природы и мимимишности с показами фильмов, мастер-классами от фотографов, встречами с путешественниками. Он проходит уже в пятый раз, об одном из предыдущих мероприятий читайте в статье “Выставка. Первозданная Россия“.

Первозданная РоссияМесто: ЦДХ. Крымский вал, 10
Даты проведения: 26 января – 25 февраля

Передвижники и импрессионисты

На пути в ХХ век

Компаративистика (изучение сходств и аналогий) – для искусствоведения явление относительно свежее. Примерно одна эпоха, но разные страны и уж тем более разные художественные задачи. Или что-то общее в их творческих целях всё же есть? Кураторы выставки поразмышляли о живописи двух стран – России и Франции – в XIX-XX веках.

Передвижники и импрессионистыМесто: Пушкинский музей. Ул. Волхонка, 12
Даты проведения: 30 декабря – 25 февраля


Художнику без музы никуда, и…

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For the Love of Christ

We are spiritual

Born into a physical body

The incorruptible

Born into the corruptible


The house can be corrupted

But not the spirit

That dwells in the house

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Elezioni, propaganda e messaggi in bottiglia!



Partiamo dal presupposto che i Padri costituenti hanno messo nella nostra Costituzione tutto quello che era necessario affinché lo Stato formasse un modello sociale che puntava alla piena occupazione e garantiva l’istruzione, la salute, il risparmio, la previdenza al di sopra di qualsiasi astruso principio contabile. Questo per chi legge con attenzione la Costituzione è ciò che è stato effettivamente fatto, ma le forze regressive hanno comunque preso il sopravvento! Ciò è avvenuto in parte formando una classe dirigente che ha portato avanti questa ideologia neoliberista all’interno delle principali forze politiche, in parte attraverso l’adesione a trattati sovranazionali che hanno snaturato i principi sociali su cui si basava la nostra democrazia sostituendoli con dogmatici e immutabili principi contabili. Questi attraverso la continua e incessante propaganda mediatica sono entrati a far parte del modo di essere e di pensare della maggior parte dei cittadini, che spesso sono i primi a invocare…

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The Insides

Life goes on….

But just until a dusk

Which meets no dawn.

You’d know it was short

But not until it’s gone….

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Who Is At Home With Us

Who Is At Home With Us


While I was attending classes at Walters State in Morristown Tennessee, I was graced to have a Professor whom I believe is a convert to Buddhism. The class I had with him had a large amount to do with world cultures so obviously interfacing at times with Religion issues. He did a very good job of keeping his personal convictions to himself. His knowledge of the issues being taught I felt were very good. One day in his office the issue of one’s soul came to the forefront and my beliefs really stunned my Professor. When he got over his shock he looked at me all stunned faced and said “do you really believe that?”.



My belief is quite simple, I believe that all humans have souls. Everyone’s body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit whom have excepted Jesus as the Christ and have been buried in baptism and raised a new person, but only if you, your Soul, invite Him in. You (your body, your Temple), and everyone’s Temple only have one of three positions that we can be in. There is the first fact that everyone must first overcome and that is whether they really do or do not believe that God is real. Then a person must believe that there is such a thing as Souls. We (our Souls) are always in our bodies (except for a few short oddities here and there). We can live in our House (body) alone or one of two other things can happen. Either our body is possessed by our souls only, or with a Spirit from either the Light of the Dark, but never at the same time. Dark can not be where the Light is. Light will throw out the Dark, for where the Light is the Dark cannot enter. The third option is one that is taken but usually not by the persons own choice. This “situation” is when a Spirit of Darkness “a Demon” decides to step into your body, when this happens the only thing that can force them to leave their host is through the power of God’s Spirit. So, we are all in one of these three positions according to the best of all the material I have been able to study on this matter indicates.


So when death comes calling on us, and on us it all will, who is at home with us? The answer is the same for every one of us when it comes time for each of us to die, we will be found in one of these three conditions when we die, or when the Lords trumpet sounds. 1.) We are found, home alone, no company, self served to Hell’s Gate. 2.) We are so unfortunate as to have had a Demon residing within us, whether a person knew it was there or not, they will still be condemned to Hell’s Gate. 3.) You/we/I may think this is a bit unfair but what you and I think really doesn’t matter any at all. I know it is a shock to many but we ourselves are not the decider of all things, we are not the rulers of the universe. Unless a person when they die find themselves in the third condition (having the Spirit of God, Holy Spirit) residing within them then you/we/I have no hope but to end up at number one and two’s destination. It is the New Testament that you will read this understanding in as it was not an Old Testament (The Law to the Hebrew people) situation but for all of us since the time of Christ it is now the only way to God’s salvation.




What Does Silence Sound Like

What Does Silence Sound Like

When you hear Silence, are you fast asleep?

What does silence sound like too you? Silence to me is hearing a constant high pitch sound of electric voltage wire humming throughout my darkness. When you lay your head down to sleep what do you hear? Can you hear total silence? I can at times accomplish the blackness of nothingness in my minds eyes when I have lain down to sleep. I think that if we can accomplish this void in our slumber then we should be able to reach good REM sleep, the trouble is getting there.


Science tells us all that the brain never sleeps, they surmise (and I do agree) if the brain is not emitting connectors like when we are dreaming, then we are dead. This I would think would be the ultimate silence, death, but is it? The Judgement continues as we sleep, the Trumpet, then our destiny to face.


Remember what I asked you in this title (What Does Silence Sound Like)? For those of us who have the problem of Tinnitus, it seems that we have no such thing as true silence.